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The Compassionate and Merciful Angel

The merciful, humble, compassionate and obedient, who praise the Lord for eternity, Archangel Saint Michael is the intercessor and mediator for humans by the Lord’s mercy upon us. (Enoch 6:5, 12:5,10:12)

He ascended to the heavens in Glory and Praise!

“By taking a body like ours and sitting it next to the God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ has truly reconciled humanity to God. Now this is crucial for us to understand. All that the Lord has done; He has done so that we may be able to also do! He has risen and conquered death so that we may do the same. But this was not all! He could not end there at resurrection alone! He has also ascended into the heavens so that you and I may also be able to do the same, that we may also have a place there with the Father. And this is what he said he would do when telling His disciples in John chapter 14 that He “goes and prepares a place for us”.

Restoration of the Priesthood

Underneath God and His Law, the first order to revere in the ministry of the Church is the High Order and the Priesthood. “The Sacrament of Priesthood is a holy sacrament through which the Bishop lays his hands on the head of the elected candidate, so that the Holy Spirit will descend on him and grant him one of the priestly ranks.”

Mystery Baptism

Dear Children of God! how are you? How are you celebrating this season of feast of “Beale Hamesa?” We hope you have not become forgetful to keep the liturgy of praying and attending the Church, just because it is said that there is no fasting, prostration (bowing) and attending funeral (the burial ceremony of a dead person).

What about your school? How are you doing in your education? Are you studying well and passing your exams? You must also remember to focus on your spiritual life. Hope you have become brave students at school, and a good child for your parents and God!

Well! Let us proceed to our today’s lesson which is a continual of our last section about baptism. We have previously seen the definition of the word ‘baptism’, the liturgy of it and the reason for our baptism. And for today, we will see its second part that focuses on Children’s Baptism on their 40th and 80th days.

“Enter by the narrow gate” (Matthew 7:13)

Christian Life is a way to orthodoxy. It is the straightforward in spirituality. As we have one Lord, one Baptism, one religion, no other way can enrich us to the kingdom of heaven than the good way of Orthodox Christianity.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has warned us about entering the broad way; “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

About Mahibere Kidusan


The association was named Mahibre Kidusan (an association in the name of Saints) Saints would be commemorated in that they abounded the secular world and sacrificed their lives to the orthodox belief for whom the prophets prophesized and apostles evangelized.


In 1977 E.C (Ethiopian Calendar) few students of higher education initiated the youth in the compass to become members of Sunday school and know the teachings of the churches. Later, this effort had been strengthened by students trained in the Zeaway Hamere Berehan St.Gebreil Clergy Training Monastery by the Then Arch Bishop of Shewa Abune Gorgorious II.

The movements continued in Bilatie military camp that brought all students of higher institutions in the country in 1983 E.C after a year, with the blessing of the church fathers the associations was set up by the name “Mahibre Kidusan” under the Sunday School Department of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Since then the associations has been proving spiritual service.


“Envisioning the Church fulfill its universal leadership role.”


Fructify and procure an organized, whole, eloquent, moderate, versatile and leader generation who strives in achieving the church’s mission and diligently work for her existence.

Institutional Asset

  • Spirituality: - It is the incarnation of the True Orthodox Religion, inveterate faith, good endeavors and spiritual knowledge; diligence God’s embodiment and cherishes the return to the Lord through the apostolic fight and a heavenly life; Thus, members are made by conversing and working in Christians endeavors at any state, period and condition. Trailing the path of patristic fathers, they serve humbly, faithfully with the trepidation of God.
  • Servanthood: -Members of the association serve with the indication of their Christian life, in a good will, seeking heavenly honor and grace, detesting worldly honor and praise vanity, sincerely, faithfully and with Christian love.
  • Leadership of Thoughts: - The association works in collaboration with leader of church concerned with the sustainability of the Church’s service necessary for the emit of orthodox ideas, with the timely thoughts and leadership
  • Cooperation - The association believes church’s service is activity of all members of the church. Therefore, it works in accordance to the issue, properly with shareholders and partners with affinity, discussion and sincerity for the unison of the mission, venerating sundry grace in incarnation.
  • Veneration of Professions: - It gives proper veneration and priority for skillful thoughts that do not contrast with orthodoxy education and are based with real information within any of its activities done by servile utilizing their various skill and knowledge of the association’s members, as they are congregated in serving the church. It also works for the endowment of proper veneration of the spiritual and carnal profession and professionals.
  • Rational Orator: - The association works for the challenge and resolution of the church’s internal and external obstacles, activities, habitual and histories based on the right data, clear and spiritual firm and truth.
  • Accountability: - Service of the association goal is embracing heavenly virtue. It therefore makes it accountable before God and the pupil as well, if it does not fulfill its responsibility properly. The manager or member in any of its ladder, is liable for the responsibility given within the work of the association.


  • Empower the Church’s Institutional management, operating system and perception for a strong and time redeemer services, thru support of technology and various methods.
  • Expand gospel and apostolic mission multifaceted all over the world by organized and accessible centralized method.
  • Fructify and procure servile who are redeemer of the time, whole and orthodox, serving in the constitution of the Church as well as be active participants in the social, economic, political and on national management affairs through constructible curriculum, enabling students of Higher School Institutions attain full personhood
  • Preserving the Church thru firm apologetics based on the study and research about the blazon rumor on Church, spurious tales and trials of the Church activities by challenging and correcting the mistakes
  • Enhance the role of empowerment of children and youngsters by consolidating the Sunday School’s Capacity to empower the successor generation’s source
  • Executing organized and discerning services by constructing a family expressing orthodox spirituality endeavors and orthodox community maintaining its unity.
  • For the association to create an institutional working system redeeming the time, enabling the fulfillment of its mission. (in Management, Human Resource, Spirituality, Relation, Knowledge, Development, Finance and Technology)
  • Enhance the economic, social and political participation of orthodox through the principle of International Public Relation and Cooperatives Services.


The association shall not interfere in administrative affairs of the church and it is free from and political affiliation.


  1. Disciples who trained in various training institution of the church and providing ministerial activity.
  2. Higher institution students attending Sunday in their respective parishes.
  3. Member of Sunday school or/and parish that provide spiritual service after graduating from higher institution.
  4. The laity who support the objective of the association with their knowledge, money and labor.


Mahiber Kidusan is set under the Sunday School department of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It provides spiritual services by its sub centers in the dioceses all over the country and in the Diaspora.