Feast of Holy Trinity

The day Holy Trinity confound the language of all the earth and scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth making them leave off to build the city, Tir 7, is commemorated by our Holy Church. The city was called Babel in accordance.

Laity’s Role in Church

Fasting, Prostration and alms giving are ways of spirituality and obedience through the governance of our corporeal to our soul. Prostration is made not only by humans but the celestial (heavenly) being, The Angels. (Isaiah 6:3) It is the main aim of the two creations Angles and humans. We shall also help the weak, aid the victims of tribal wars and in trails within the Church. As it is necessary to make alms giving, it is necessary to realize the good virtue of our good endeavors in particular to fasting seasons,

“A man of God” (1 Samuel 9:6)

Just as there exist true prophets who are “A man of God” living under His commandment and rule, many false prophets defying the Lord’s law have resided in this world these days. History recites their existence from the era of Prophets, Apostles and still in this generation.

“A Man of God” (2 Samuel 9:6)

Saint Prophets are “A man of God” who are real people and speak the truth which it is instigated just as their words. In the Book of Samuel, I, it is stated as, “Look now, there is in this city a man of God, and he is an honorable man; all that he says surely comes to pass. (1 Samuel 9:6)

“A man of God” (1 Samuel 9:6)

Limited is the work of man in his world of terrain. His knowledge of earthly life only enables for the corporal but not for the spiritual one and the salvation of us. It is natural to seek what we do not have though, yet we can only wish for extraordinary. People have the tendency of leaning to what we know and strive for the most remarkable life.

Man shall be aware of his neutrality and much more work of miraculous of God, as he is the result of His creation. There is pure distinction between ordinary man and “A man of God,” as in scripted in Holy Scriptures representing all the Saints and the Righteous. But whom Saint Samuel spoke about is the prophets, who has the power of the Holy Spirt to foretell the future.


Dear Children of God, how are you? How is school and spiritual life? How are you doing at your school and home with your family? Are you attending Churches at holidays and on Sabbath (Saturdays and Sundays)? How are you spending your leisure (free) time? Hope you are using them for valuable things such as reading, studying, helping your parents as well as your elderlies. Children, it also important to help poor and elderly people around the Churches and on the streets by feeding and clothing them. Then, God will also be happy about us and we would become His children. Ok, good!

Children, today we will teach you about Prophets who are servants of God. Prophet is “a person who conveys messages from the God to people, including occasionally foretelling future events.” We call the male “Prophet” and the female “Prophetess.” They have the power of Holy Spirit upon themselves that makes them speak the word of God and foretell (tell) the future (what comes another day, month or year/years).

Queen of flowers

Flowers, especially the red and the white roses have long been associated with spirituality. A red rose signifies love, devotion and commitment. The white one is symbol of innocence, purity and virginity. These are flowers which blossom in the world of flowers just as Saint Mary, our Holy Mother have come to this world for the salvation of us. She is the mother of God and thus a queen of all the saints, righteous, martyrs and even is greater than the angels. So Lady virgin Mary is the Queen of spiritual flowers; and therefore, is called the Rose, for the rose is known to be beautiful amongst all flowers. Moreover, she is the Mystical or Hidden Rose.

Mystical Rose

The most beautiful flower ever seen in the spiritual world as the Italian refer her “Rosa Mystica/Mystical Rose/ is our Holy Mother Saint Mary.

Rosa decens, rosa munda,

Rosa recens sine spina,

Rosa florens et secunda

Rosa gratia divina

Rose graceful, rose clean,

fresh rose without a thorn,

rose in bloom and favorable

Rose divine grace

Mystical Rose

The wicked fall of man, the sin of Adam and Eve overawed by virgin Saint Mary. The Mystical rose signifying Saint Mary with her Beloved son is the mark of salvation. She who has migrated with her son, has made the bitter sweet. She has fled in protecting the world’s savior her son, from being executed.

The Liturgy of Fasting

Dear Children of God, how are you? How is the new year and school? We hope you are attending your lessons attentively in this new year and studying well. It is also important to ask you teachers what you do not understand and something that is not clear for you. If not, you would not be able to pass your exams or else get good mark. You shall attend the church education as well, so that you could be a good, brave and generous child of God.

Dear Children of God, this season is known as “The Month of flowers.” We commemorate our Holy Mother Saint Mary, her beloved Son, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and their flight to Egypt and Ethiopia in escape of King Herold who was trying to kill baby Jesus, out of fear of Him reigning as a King.

Children, we hope you remember our last lesson on the celebration of Feasts! And for now we will teach you about “The Liturgy of Fasting.”