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Mystery of Holy Trinity

Dear Children of God, how are you? How have you been in this season of fasting of “The Great Lent.” We have now reached on the seventh week and yet, two weeks ahead of us. We hope you are holding strong through it and fasting according the liturgy.

Children, in keeping the Church Liturgy, it is important to learn all the significant education that our Holy Orthodox Incarnation (Tewahedo) Church teaches us beginning our childhood. Therefore, it is necessary to attend the Church specially at the Sabbath. Ok? Good!

Now let us pass on to today’s lesson which is about the “Mystery of Holy Trinity.” You remember our last section about the Doctrine of Creation right? Good! Ok! so let us first see what the words Mystery and Trinity means separately.


You are the teacher he knows truly

He rushed to you at night hourly

whilst he heard the words holy

healed him from his mind consciously

he was encouraged to present his enquiry

The teaching of the childhood enviably

Good Service

Spirituality in Christian life is the scarification for God and a good service is vital. A service is said to be good if it merits the reflection of spiritual life filled with perseverance of religion and diligence. It is of the essence for a servile to know the endeavors of good service. Then, whether individually or unison, all who praise His Name and live under His command in a spiritual service, presents good service. Our faith, religion, spiritual knowledge and Christian endeavors are its measurement.

Who is faithful servant?

Foremost, service is bestowed for the Almighty Lord; God, Who is the creator of all. Primarily who served Him by praising “Holy Holy Holy” were Angles in the heavens. Then followed the first man kind Adam, where he lived in praising and prayer in heaven.

Doctrine of Creation

Dear Children of God, how are you? How are you doing on this season of fasting of “The Great Lent”? We hope you are holding strong through it and fasting in accord to your ability, whilst being good children of God and to your parents!

Children, we assume you remember our last lesson on “The Attributes of God,” and today, we will see His creations within the six days and rested on the seventh day which is Sabbath. God has created 22 creatures and we will see them each.


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About Mahibere Kidusan


In 1977 E.C (Ethiopian Calendar) few students of higher education initiated the youth in the compass to become members of Sunday school and know the teachings of the churches. Later, this effort had been strengthened by students trained in the Zeaway Hamere Berehan St.Gebreil Clergy Training Monastery by the Then Arch Bishop of Shewa Abune Gorgorious II.

The movements continued in Bilatie military camp that brought all students of higher institutions in the country in 1983 E.C after a year, with the blessing of the church fathers the associations was set up by the name “Mahibre Kidusan” under the Sunday School Department of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Since then the associations has been proving spiritual service.


The association was named Mahibre Kidusan (an association in the name of Saints) Saints would be commemorated in that they abounded the secular world and sacrificed their lives to the orthodox belief for whom the prophets prophesized and apostles evangelized.


  • To organize the youth, who are the children of the church, in higher education under the association and provide them with the teachings of the church.

  • To expand evangelism with various means (ministry, publication, audio and video recordings) in cooperation with the pertinent church bodies.

  • To prepare conditions that enable the educated section of the society support the Orthodox Church with his/her knowledge and assets.

  • To enable the members of the association render free and humanitarian service.

  • To preserve the generation of the dignity and fame of the church fathers.


To keep the youth in higher institutions who baptized and become children of the Holy Spirit from heretics who use various means to trap and deviate to their belief.

To design favorable means for students of higher institutions to know and preserve as well as pass to the next generation the canon and tradition of the church passed on to them by forefathers of the church.

To enable the youth overcome the social problems up on graduation and in serving their country and the church with their profession. To follow up the youth’s adherence and practice of the orthodox belief.


The association shall not interfere in administrative affairs of the church and it is free from and political affiliation.


  1. Disciples who trained in various training institution of the church and providing ministerial activity.
  2. Higher institution students attending Sunday in their respective parishes.
  3. Member of Sunday school or/and parish that provide spiritual service after graduating from higher institution.
  4. The laity who support the objective of the association with their knowledge, money and labor.


Mahiber Kidusan is set under the Sunday School department of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It provides spiritual services by its sub centers in the dioceses all over the country and in the Diaspora.