“Let Us make man in Our image” (Genesis 1:26)

February 27, 2023

The Almighty God Has the power and authority to do everything in the world He created now and even in the future. This is in His sovereignty and no creature could ever seize it if it is in His will.  Be it so though, every work of God is His wisdom and noble for creatures.  In the Book of Genesis, God said “Let Us make man in Our image” (Genesis 1:26) and created man to serve Him alongside angels for praising saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

The Holy Bible taught us that humans are created in the image and likeness of God and our faith of Christianity is our dignity as a man. God created the first man Adam and made him alive by giving him breath. It is in scripted as, “And the Lord formed man of dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7)

It is sad though that man has forgotten the value of his life given to him from his creator God, which he hastily ignored to distinguish the unique nature for his existence. It is necessary to acknowledge The Body made of the four elements; body, Earth, Water, Air and Fire and the three parts of soul, Mind, Will and Emotion.

But above this magnificent nature of man, God have valued our soul more than any of our parts. This is to say that His Holy spirit is in our soul craving for Him. So, how many of us fulfill the will of soul and follow the voice of our shepherd Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who Himself said, “ I am the good shepherd; I know My sheep, and my sheep know me.” (John 10:14)

The good nature of man leads into the true path of life. Humans have the will to be good or bad. This is the cause for their nobility or evil. Our humanity, lays in living as God created us in His image and likeness for being His children in holy life. Saint Paul said, “transformed into the same image, from glory to glory.” (2 Corinthians. 3:18) This is to be holy without the will of corporeal but for the good of our soul. It is to have good heart, avoid harm and evil. The life of holiness does not allow any sin but purity.

Man has the will and goodness for holiness through Christianity. Laities of the New Testament, have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge of religion, Christians living and doctrines. They would then know the path of life that the Holy Son, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through His crucifixion, resurrection and ascendant to Holy Father. The Apostle Saint John teaches us, “In this is love, not that we loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to the expiration of our sins. Beloved, if God loved us, we also ought to love one another.” (1 John 13:34)

It is unoftune however how human have lost their way to spirituality defying God’s will and his nature that led to inhumanity. Many have betrayed their identity as humans ignoring the will of their soul and keeping the body’s comfort. Human beings have lost the interest of striving for the good of their forthcoming. Their mind filled with harmful thoughts and having evil heart, they sin throughout the days of their lives.

Specifically, these days, men have lost their humanity entirely where their desire is for their comfort of their body but not for soul. They seek to eat, cloth, live luxury life and be wealthy, If possible gain fame or authority on the public. This is what we witnessed over the past few years. Governors, elites and popular have been fighting for wealth and power whom did not even care for the life of others but became responsible for the loss of many slaughtered on the streets and neighborhood in specific to rural areas.

What does this show or teach us? Brethren! we must wake up and realize that the world is falling apart. God’s rage is proven since we have brought disappointment before Him. It has even become impossible to live together for there is no humanity, love and peace amongst us. We have hatred for our neighbors but not love, seek revenge instead of forgiveness, kill rather than have sympathy.

Our world is in chaos because of these tribulations and harmful societies crammed together that led to the complication, bewilderment and conflicts. It is not few in number that the preys subsist nearby our neighborhood with idol worship, paganism and atheistic believe. There are people who do not have the will to acknowledge and accept the existence of God and abide His law. Their belief is just on their desire to live by their routine they habited. Without the fear of God, they do whatever pleases them and bring comfort and happiness. Their thoughts and opinion lays on logic which is the contradiction of religion and true faith. They say it is not God but their own will that made them to do good for others. They even deny the existence of Him referring to the thought of evolution that man is not created but evolved in cyclic process from monkey.

There are also other who chose to follow satanic belief in search for resolution of any predicaments they face. Be it personal, social or/and economic problems, they rather solve it within the system they themselves allowed to be trapped in devious scam. But little do they know, for this decision has brought more problems trapping them into satanic nest in this world. We might not consider this as an obstacle of our lives; however, it is a drastic fall of mankind and huge disappointment brought before our Lord.

Dear brethren, is it really worthy to choose our body that becomes dust tomorrow when we die rather than our soul? It is right to sell ourselves to Satan just for a few years of fame, comfort and worldly desire that we might loss today, tomorrow or within hours?  Think about it? Every lasting life filled with happiness and peace is given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ to be Christian by Him through carrying the cross. That is to face all the challenges in spirituality by baring all the pain, sorrow and misery by praying to God, fasting and diligence.

God’s will is for us to be Holy and inherit His kingdom, He did not create us to die or suffer in any way. Wise King Solomon said, “Do not bring on your own death by sinful actions.  God did not invent death, and when living creatures die, it gives him no pleasure.  He created everything so that it might continue to exist, and everything he created is wholesome and good. There is no deadly poison in them. No, death does not rule this world.” (Wisdom 1:12-14) Death was brought upon us by our own sin when Adam and Eve defied God’s law and ate the forbidden fruit. So they were also punished through death. From there after, people grow old and die. But after their death, they face trial before God and no human can avoid or seize His judgment. Every human being shall acknowledge this truth and live by God’s law for He shall embrace us eternally.

Brethren, repent, be good, humble, kind, generous, obedient, strong and diligent, so that God could see a real human in you and call you my child and say, “Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Mathew 25:34)

May God have mercy and guide us throughout our lives, Amen!