The Good Shepherd LORD Jesus Christ and His Sheep

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs in transient way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the doorkeeper opens and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of stranger.” (John 10:1-6)

“Son of man, take the brick and lay it at front; draw icons of the city of Jerusalem and surround it” (Ezek. 4፡1)

There are things to keep in mind when using Holy Icons for prayer and various services. It is important to keep it in a proper place so that it does not get damaged and blurred. The owner of the icon describes the picture, illustrating God or Holy, Righteous or Martyr due reverence and worship shall be given. Artists to help the laities know and worship the rightful owners of the painting they must also draw the icon they are painting.

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (John 16: 13)

Our LORD Jesus Christ previously preached that his father Holy Spirit will come and he will become life to Holy Church, and when the truth of spirit comes, he will lead us to the all truth. (John. 16:13)

“The Trepidation of GOD is the foundation of Wisdom. But heresies disrepute wisdom and regiment (Prov. 1:7)”

Affirmed as “Trepidation for GOD is the throne of wisdom,” the wisdom from GOD is the trepidation of him. (Syra. 1:18). Fearing GOD doesn’t mean thinking he might destroy us with his fury or with his power; or to feel agony or anxious. It is to believe he is the creator of the world and live by his command

“Onwards the time of ignorance, GOD then order all to repent in their dwellings” (Acts.16:30)

Tough Apostle Saint Paul preached heathens in Aetna, it has also big message. Especially his words, “Onwards the time of ignorance, GOD then order all to repent in their dwellings (Acts 16:30)”, unswervingly gears us.

Adwa Commemorated: Papers Presented at Mahibere Kidusan Platform

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) Deserves apology and compensation from Italy
March 7, 2017
By Kassa  Nigus 


Mahibere Kidusan Research Center organized a workshop to commemorate the Adwa Victory on St. George Day (March 2, 2017) at its premises. Two individuals had presentations on themes relating to the day and the papers were titled, “The Invasion of Fascist Italy and the position of Pope Pius XI,” by Kesis Dr. Mikre Sillase Gebre Amanuel, and Adwa Zikre Qenie (Ge’ez Peom in Memory of Adwa) by Kesis Haile Iyyesus Alebachew. 
The two presenters depicted the situation and the public feeling as it existed in the years leading up to the Battle of Adwa in 1896 and the Italian action in the years of the invasion. The Italians in response to the humiliation they suffered in Adwa defeat, unleashed brutal retaliation campaign against Ethiopia in the years (1935-1941) of the invasion. This Italian campaign claimed the lives of thousands of priests in monasteries and tens of thousands of Ethiopians as well as resulting in the destruction of churches, and plunder of lots of ancient manuscripts and many heritages from monasteries and churches.


Kesis Dr. Mikre Sillase Gebre Amanuel provided the background to Italian invasion and consequences of the invasion in his presentation. He underlined the noticeable silence of the then Pope Pius XI of the Catholic Church regarding the massacre of Ethiopians.  He explained the rationale behind the silence of Pope Pius XI and said that the Pope saw the invasion as an opportunity to expand the Catholic faith that would follow the subjugation and colonization of Ethiopia. He also said that fear of quarrel between the Catholic Church and the Italian government is another factor for the Pope’s silence.
However, to this day the Italian government has not offered an official apology and has not paid any compensation for their wartime crimes against humanity and the enormous destruction the Italian government inflicted on Ethiopia. It is only logical that the Italian government as well as the Vatican Church issue an apology and compensate Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church for all the havoc they caused and crimes against humanity they committed, compatibly with the damage they have done.


The 2nd speaker, Kesis Haile Iyyesus Alebachew presented his paper, which analyzed the contents of Ge’ez poems coined in the few years leading up to the Battle of Adwa and showed the significance of the messages in that they illustrated the mood of the time as well as showing the important role of the Church and fathers for the victory of Adwa by giving moral support.
The presenter depicted the rich information Ge’ez poems provide, alongside history books. He also noted that the victory of Adwa won by our forefathers was not achieved through the size of the Ethiopian army  or weapons of war. Rather it was by the grace of God and the help of St George. Thus, the present and succeeding generations shall remember always what the patriotism of our fathers meant and not forget the enormous sacrifices they made to protect our freedom and make us proud. They need to recognize the significance of Ethiopia as a symbol of freedom to Africa and freedom seekers throughout the world.
  • Editing by Mesfin Zegeye 

The Renowned Theologian Prof. Lule Melaku Passes away at 84

March 1, 2017
By Kassa Nigus


Professor Lule Melaku, the prominent theologian and researcher, was laid to rest at Menbere Tsebaot Holy Trinity Cathedral Church in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, on February 24, 2017. 

He has been served more than half a century at the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Theology Colleges in teaching and research.

H.H Patriarch Abune Mathias, archbishops, disciples of the Holy Trinity Theology College and St Paul Sewasewe Berhan Theology College and relatives of the scholar as well as  friends of the late Professor attended the funeral.  

Professor Lule Melaku was exemplary man of God, a mentor and shiny father who declared his superb in what he has done according to his biography red in the funeral. Poem (Ge’ez Qenie) that testified his deeds was composed and offered by church scholars as part of the funeral service. 

His Grace Archbishop Abune Timothewos, the supreme guardian of the Holy Trinity Theological College, witnessed his celebrity saying, professor Lule who sow his real knowledge on the mind of mankind has produced several professionals who engaged both in spiritual and secular profession as a farmer feeding the world by harvesting different grains. 

Professor Lule was the perfect hermit that God testified his righteousness; we have seen the ‘perfect hermit and celibacy’ not only in monastery, forest, desert… but being dwelled in a town through the disciplined life of the professor.  Death is our path, he has lived and worked faithfully until he died according to God’s will, may God rest his soul, His grace added.  

May God repose his soul in the bosom of our holy fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!! 

Fasting, Prayer & Repentance: Keys to Approach the Holy God, Abune Mathias

February 20, 2017
By Kassa Nigus 


His Holiness  Patriarch Abune Mathias has made an address regarding the Fast of Great Lent, locally known as Abiy Tsom/Hudade, which will begin on Monday Yekatit 13,  2009 E.C.( February 20, 2017). 
Abune Mathias addressing extensively about the worth of fasting, prayer and repentance quoting on (Ps.34:5, Math, 17:14 -21, Joel 2:12 – 18, Isa. 58: 6-8).  
Based on the verse of Psalm 34:5,  H.H shows the relationship of man and God,  equal to the basic necessity of earthly life that emanated from carnal nature of man, man has great desire to have a relationship with His Creator through his spiritual nature that begotten from God.  On the other hand, more than man needs to approach His Creator; God wants man to be His abode. These mutual attractions of love recognized both by natural Law and Holy Bible. 
Though there are many sinful practices that separates man from God, fasting is one of the main ingredients draws man to his God.  In addition to fasting, prayer and repentance are the key spiritual element to narrow the gap that arises between God and man. 
H.H highlighted on the meaning of fasting saying, the purpose of fasting is to create an obedient and broken heart that worships God through repentance and prayer. Christians shall discipline your body and keep it under the control of their soul. It is also necessary to fast through removing the quarrel with pardon; ensuring peace through true friendship and self-control; avoiding materialism; defeats the evil desires arose through the pressure of wicked spirits, and prepare ourselves to the Holy Communion. 
At the end of His message, H.H urged all Christians saying, as the main purpose of fasting is to obey God’s Command, we shall utilize the earth that God gifted us to take care of it. Accordingly, we shall work hard and beautify our country so as to make it easy to life.  As work is one of the means to prevent ourselves from sin Christians shall spend the fast through hard work and helping others in need.  
Let us prepare ourselves to cleanse our flesh & soul!

Nine Theological College Students Dismissed for Heretic Tendencies

January 13, 2017


Saint Frieminatos Abba Selama Kesate Berhan Theological College of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church based in Mekele town, 761 km north of Addis Ababa, dismissed nine students on January 6, 2017 for displaying heretic tendencies. 

According to information obtained from Mekele Branch of Mahibere Kidusan, the students whose college education has been terminated have been taking heretical trainings from Ato Yared Tsegay who was also dismissed for similar dissent. Following his dismissal, Ato Yared formed a denomination of his own, known as “Ye ‘ewnet qal teketayoch” (literally meaning ‘Followers of the true word’) and has been unlawfully spreading heretical teachings in and around Mekele town.  

The nine dismissed students were caught by members of Saint Frieminatos Abba Selama Kesate Berhan Theological College including the dean, Sunday School students of Debre Selam St Michael Church and law enforcement officials, while they were preparing to “be baptized by the spirit”, as they claimed, at the conclusion of their training.
The dismissed students are Amanuel Demsie, Tamirat Altaye, Betemariam Wedaje, Tesfa Gebremichael, Weldberhan Kahisay, Henok Asmare, Wendye Abebe, Melese Lema and Ephrem Matebe. According to the statement of the College, the measure was taken following a series of investigations into the allegations, which were later confirmed. 

The Guardian of the College, His Grace Abune Yohannes, explained the likely cause of such heretic deeds saying, “This problem happened due to flawed admission process and lack of follow-up on candidates on the part of the dioceses as well as the sophisticated, underground work of heretic groups in Mekele which operate as a network.”   


He added that though there is a procedure set by the Holy Synod for admission of candidates seeking to join Theological Colleges, laxity in the application of the procedure has contributed to the occurrence of such heretic tendencies among students.  

His Grace also urged Sunday School students and members of Mahibere Kidusan saying, “As you have the potential to keep heretics away from the Church through a system fitting to the present day, you should pray and work hard to defend our colleges and the Church from being tainted by the heresies of those wolves.”     
Going forward, the College will conduct strict investigation into similar cases, His Grace added, and on behalf of the College, he extended his gratitude to Sunday School students of Debre Selam St Michael Church, devout disciples and others who contributed to the exposure of the heretic movement. 

Source: Sem’atsidk Newspaper published from January 25 – February 6, 2017, pp.1.

          Translation: Kassa Nigus

     Editing by Tsegaye Girma 

Patriarch Matthias: ‘Peace is the Message of Every Day’

January 13, 2017
 GENEVA, Feb. 10, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Patriarch Abune Matthias of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church offered a special greeting at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva on 10 February, commending the success of global ecumenical work while acknowledging the grave crises tearing the world apart.
Photo: Patriarch Matthias at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva. © Peter Williams/WCC
Patriarch Matthias is in the midst of a four-day visit to Geneva, during which he spoke with students and staff at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute, met with World Council of Churches (WCC) senior leadership, and toured the Orthodox Centre in Switzerland.
In his remarks, he brought greetings on behalf of more than 50 million members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. He also commended the World Council of Churches (WCC) for remaining dedicated to its founding principle of forging unity between and among the worldwide Christian community.
The WCC’s work is more vital now than ever, said Patriarch Matthias. "Compared to that historic time of the creation of the WCC, today Christianity is under assault, challenge and confrontation throughout the world," he said. "Let it be clear, therefore, that the principle and objectives articulated when the WCC was established have relevance and meaning today more than ever."
Much has been achieved to date, yet much more remains to be done, he said. "And may I stress that in all the activities and successes of the past, you, the staff of the organization and your predecessors, have played key roles – and must in the future continue to do so—not only by carrying out the normal functions expected of you, but also by devising creative and innovative ways of meeting the intricate challenges of each member church worldwide."
He cited the injustice, war, strife, poverty, and narrow nationalism tearing the world apart or tearing it down. "Hence the WCC has been calling not only member churches and ecumenical councils but also governments, world leaders, and social movements to stand together in the fight against devastation – responding to manmade and natural disasters, ensuring peace, justice and dignity of all, and making our earth a safer place to live."
No human philosophy, high technology or weapons can bring peace and reconciliation better than the word of God, he continued. The WCC’s pilgrimage of justice and peace continues to guide people in their mission of teaching and mobilizing churches and individuals to stand for peace and justice.
"In our church, peace is the message of every day," he said. "We have faithfully followed the call of the WCC for interreligious dialogue to be integrated as an important part of our ecumenical responsibility."
The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, established in the first century, now has more than 50 million members; 35,000 parish churches; 1,500 ancient monasteries (including those in Jerusalem); 50 archbishops and bishops; 400,000 ordained clergy, and 20,000 classical and ecclesiastical schools.
Read full speech by Patriarch Matthias at
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