His Grace Archbishop Yohanness passed Away!

March 1, 2023

His Grace Archbishop Yohanness, the Archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the head of the theological College of Abune Selama Kesate Birhan in Mekelle Diocese passed away yesterday on February 30, 2023.

His funeral is going to be held in Mekelle, Adwa Debre Hamelemal Abune Afetsi Monastry in the presence of His Holiness Abune Mathias, Archbishops, Patristic Fathers and Laities today on March 1, 2023.

Archbishop Yohanness was born and raised in Tigray region, Adwa where he spends almost his entire education and service years. He has served as a teacher of Divine Liturgy (Kidase) for 7 years and as a preacher for 12 years where he spawned many Priests, Preachers and Deacons.

He was previously appointed for his honor by former Patriarch His Grace Abune Paulos Junior, on July 29, 2005 G.C. As his life story affirms, this was due to his high Theological intelligence that bestowed him many patristics fathers. He acquired his honor of Deaconess from His Grace Abune Markos of Eritrea in 1948 G.C., his Monastic from Teacher Michael of Debre Abay Monastic Teacher in 1954, become Abbot in 1957, Priest in the hands of His Grace Abune Michael of Gondar in 1977 and ArchPriest honor in the hands of His Grace Abune John of Tigray where he lived his whole life in holiness and Virginal.

Then after, while he was serving in Mekelle theological College of Abune Selama Kesate Birhan, His Grace Archbishop Ephraim after appraising his work and diligence, appointed him in the name of “Melake Selam” as an Administrator of Debre Selam Saint Michael” in 1983 G.C. There he served for 22 years. He has also administered the congregation of Psalms, Scriptures, Fetha Negest, Praise and Divine Liturgy of Saint Mary with ArchPatristic Father Yared Kassa.

Archbishop Yohanness was known for his virtue of melodic voice in the Divine Liturgy that was recorded and distributed in electronics for which he was granted price of Holy Cross Necklace from His Holiness Abune Tekele Haimanot.

He was also known for his humility, love of neighbor and humanity, loved by Priests, Laities and Students. His fatherly adoration has also made him loved by many and embraced his veneration.

His Grace Archbishop Yohanness was an exemplar, meticulous known and esteemed amongst all.

May his blessing be upon us!