Feast of circumcision of our Lord Jesus Christ

God’s covenants with man were always through blood since it signifies life. HE chose circumcision to be the sign of the covenant. Stated in the Holy Bible, circumcision was carried out on the eighth day of the birth of boys where they receive their new name. The eighth day is a symbol to the new life, after the completion of the seven days of the week, (the beginning of the new week comes on the eighth day). This is a clear indication that through circumcision man starts a new life and a new covenant, with a new name and a new relationship with God.

The Vigil of Christmas and Epiphany

Our  forefathers of the Church, the chiefs of the Councils, have laid down the law that believers should fast on this day until the evening and that they should eat no kind of moist (or, fatty) food whatsoever. Only that kind which is eaten during the Great Fast of Lent.

Feast of Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus

The righteous father who is entitled as “The Star of the desert” and “The Head of Anchorites” Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus, was born on January 2, G.C. (829 E.C) from his father Simeon, and his mother ‘Aklesya who were righteous…

Feast of the Holy Cross

The twentieth year of the reign of Emperor Constantine, hailed the consecration of the Church, the Sanctuary and the grave of our Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom be praise, in the holy city of Jerusalem, and of all the holy places which ‘Eleni (Helena), the empress, laid bare…

Feast of Saint Mary 

The revelation of the miracle of our Lady Mary in the city of Tsedenya when oil dropped from the tablet with her portrait [painted] upon it as if it had been clothed with flesh is commemorated in our Holy Church.

Feasts of Saint John the Baptist

…when the holy head of Saint John was cut off, it flew up into the air…

Archangel Raphael

Glory to Raphael the archangel, the third of the vigilant, holy and heavenly archangels; and the dedication of his church which was built to him on an island outside the city of Alexandria in the days of Saint Theophilus the Archbishop; and the miracle which was made manifest therein.

The Seven Saints

The seven young men were first in the army Emperor Decius, and he appointed them to offices in his government.  When he established the worship of idols, certain men made accusations against these saints to him, and he seized them and shut them up in prison.  But as he wanted to go to another place he released them from their bonds and sent them away until he returned, thinking within himself that they would turn from their good counsel….

“Tabor and Hermon rejoice in Your name” (Psalm 89:12)

Accord, the prophet King David pronouncement about the great feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ on his psalm “Tabor and Hermon rejoice in Your name” on August 19, the festivity of our Lord Jesus Christ and how His appearance was changed on Mount Tabor, is commemorated.

“Listen to my tears” (Psalm 28:2)

Temptations, hardships, pain, diseases and disasters sometimes bring about tears. Especially if the person feels abandoned,or that it is a punishment as a result of his sins. Here, a spiritual factor enters into weeping, its reason being that the person feels that grace has departed from him, or that God has begun to deliver him to the hands of his enemies. He is then grieved and weeps.