The Birth Day of Saint Mary

May 6, 2022

Our Holy Mother, the pure two-fold Virgin Saint Mary, the God-bearer through whom became the salvation of the human race was born on May 9.  Her honored father Joachim was an old man and as had begotten no child, lived in sorrow of heart. Since he was not able, to have any children, he brought in an offering. But his wife was barren and forbidden to do so as there was a law of the priests that barren women should not bring in an offering.  The righteous woman Hanna was very sad because of their failure to have children.

God heard their wishes as they led good manner of life. Blessed be His Name, He was pleased by the maneuver and with His wisdom, the salvation of man should come through their seed.  Whilst Joachim was standing up in the mountain and praying at the end of the Fourth Day of the week, the Angel of the God appeared and told him that God would give him seed for the salvation of the whole world.  He came down from the mountain and being confident with boldness of heart, through what he had heard from the Angel, he told his wife of the vision which he had seen and she gave thanks to God.  Hanna believed His word was true and vowed to God if He bestowed her with a child, she would give him to His house to serve.

After this, she conceived and brought forth this holy and heavenly woman, whose name was Mary, which is interpreted, as “Lady,” though there is another interpretation, “Gift and grace,”

And indeed she is the Lady of the entire World, the Queen of all women and through her we have found heavenly grace.

Glory be to God and for all His presents. May He blesses the joyful day of the Birth Day of Saint Mary

Source: The Ethiopian Synxarium page 488