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The literary definition of the term lighting is “A sudden discharge of electricity from a cloud to the earth, or from the earth to a cloud, or from one cloud to another that is, from a body positively charged to one negatively charged, producing a vivid flash of light, and usually a loud report, called thunder. Sometimes lightning is a mere instantaneous flash of light without thunder, as heat-lightning, lightning seen by reflection, the flash being beyond the limits of our horizon.”

Holy Trinity

The Mystery of Holy Trinity is beyond Humans conception, but those fortune and righteous as Father Abraham has witnessed His presence…

Laity’s Role in Church Liturgy

Laities within the public service or ministry “Liturgy” shares Divine election and services from God, a special gift and privilege of membership of Holy Church. Akin to Church Liturgy, is a corporate religious service offered to God by laities, including worship, baptism and communion. Thus, Laities shall understand as a solemn including God and his worshippers, consisting of an exchange of prayers, praise and graces since it is a sacred time rendered in a sacred space.

Birth of Saint John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist was whom none born of women was greater. He it was whom our Lord Jesus Christ praised, and he it was who bowed to Him when He was in his mother’s womb, and it was meet for him to lay his hand upon the head of the Son of the Living God.

The Power of Prayer

Humans, be it at least once in our lives, probably pray for something with great intensity. We might pray for extended period of time waiting, hoping, and trusting that God will hear our prayers;

Holy Church

Orthodox Incarnation Church has unique features inside and outside its temple where its art and design does not only create a distinctive atmosphere of worship, but also reflect and embody many of the fundamental insights of Orthodoxy…

The Edifice of Saint Mary’s Church

The first Church of Saint Virgin Mary was built in Chalcedonia of Caesarea by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with three stones without wood, mud or water.

Abune Garima (Isaac) of Madara

…One day, Abba Pantalewon was saddened as he was told that Abba Isaac had performed the liturgy after he had a meal. Thinking to advise him, the elder said, “My son, hold back the people from me so that I may tell you a secret.” But Abba Isaac replied, “Let all the stones be move from us let alone the people.” While he said this, the trees of the monastery moved a furlong (about 800 meters).