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“Listen to my tears” (Psalm 28:2)

Temptations, hardships, pain, diseases and disasters sometimes bring about tears. Especially if the person feels abandoned,or that it is a punishment as a result of his sins. Here, a spiritual factor enters into weeping, its reason being that the person feels that grace has departed from him, or that God has begun to deliver him to the hands of his enemies. He is then grieved and weeps.

Saint Mary

A Shining moon  

Sparkle of morn  

Sweet as honey

Life rosemary…

Tears of Repentance

Many weep for different of reasons for our world is filled with evil, harm, tribulations and sufferings. This being the result of our sin, we shall seek repentance. Let us look at the some of the exemplary biblical stories.

The Fast of the Assumption of Saint Mary

The Mother of God Saint Mary’s assumption on her 64th age is a remembrance of the fast the apostles for fifteen consecutive days beginning August 7 till 22 with passion and diligence. It commemorates their witnessing of Saint Mary’s departure.

“Sing praises with understanding” (Psalm 47:7)

The way of which Christians expresses their praise hinge on our comprehension of God’s words; Singing ought to be with understanding. The word understanding is profound judgment and thus we sing wisely and but not be misled by heresies and worldliness as its value more, rather than music.

The Mystery of Sea

A sea has a mystery hidden within its nature as it symbolizes the Holy Trinity with its nature Extension, drenching and coupling. The name of the sea quail not only differs from body name and tax, but also from unity. The difference is in the words of Quinn’s heart, and the unity is in the sense of existence. Consciousness is the existence of one entity between the two entities. The three parts have their own nature of which to maintain unity and to understand each other. A sea symbolizes the Holy Father with its extension, the Holy son by its drenching and the Holy Spirit by its coupling.

“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth” (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

The wise Solomon’s words, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth” is for the days before the days of misery. It is not apposite to sin, heretic or deal with strain in our youth hood due to various drug addictions, alcohol abuse, other harmful alternative and as such. The cure for anxiety is to remember about God and live according to His will. The success of our ministry in the last days makes our lives meaningful with God in our youth.


The literary definition of the term lighting is “A sudden discharge of electricity from a cloud to the earth, or from the earth to a cloud, or from one cloud to another that is, from a body positively charged to one negatively charged, producing a vivid flash of light, and usually a loud report, called thunder. Sometimes lightning is a mere instantaneous flash of light without thunder, as heat-lightning, lightning seen by reflection, the flash being beyond the limits of our horizon.”

Holy Trinity

The Mystery of Holy Trinity is beyond Humans conception, but those fortune and righteous as Father Abraham has witnessed His presence…