Announcement by Mahibere Kidusan Office on Current Affairs

Onwards Mahibere Kidusan’s accreditation by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Holy Synod in 1992 (G.C) and approved constitution in 2002 (G.C), it has been executing its service until present day. Regards, it has done various works in enriching widely the ‘Word of God’ to the Christian Community which is the main Mission of our Church. It is a known fact among Christians that it has passed all the tribulations caused periodically with God’ mercy, with much diligence and endurance.

Amongst the Association’s services, the broadcast is one of them. This service that started on 2020 by the Sermon services by different languages, is the preferred media by the entire laities even have become medium that is a daily sustenance for their spiritual life and is looked upon as the eyes of the people.

The Broadcast service’s work prerequisites caution and moreover the association performs with a high sense of responsibility and spiritual exploration which made it a site always sought. Laities are witness of this fact.

Due to the transmission of the announcement of the General Committee established by the Permanent Synod on contemporary Church affairs with this initiation, The Ethiopian Media Authoritative has explained that it has made a “temporary suspension” on its letter on May 21, 2023.

The complaint forwarded by the Authoritative Office is stated as “We have found the association in contrary to its mission.” The Association comprehends this accusation is not even an issue to be raised let alone lead to suspension. We have understood that the suspension not only flouted the proclamation of the media, but also frustrated Priests, Laities and Members who supported the association through your prayer, currency and knowledge in reaching to his attainment.

Hence, it has submitted his complaint in letter to the concerned body in informing about the suspension that hinders the voice of laities and their right to learn Gospel. We hope that the proclamation will be handled properly and in accordance with the law. The association also will do everything necessary until the matter is resolved according to the legal process. Thus, ask for the entire Christian community to acknowledge this and seek its great patience, as we periodically will announce publicly.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude in the name of God, for all that you have done to defend the rights of the Church with resentment and indignation of the whole of Christianity Community.

Additionally, the Holy Synod on the Council of Priests held on May 22, 2023, in its plenum, we found it appropriate to appoint a selection committee to study and appoint 9 new Episcopal bishops in important and problematic dioceses. We expect that the election process will follow the Church’s order, to be transparent, involve priests and laities.

May God be with us, Amen!