Saint John Chrysostom

May 19, 2023

Saint John Chrysostom was born in 347 in Antioch, Syria. His father, Secundus, died soon after the birth of his son. His mother, Anthusa, was a Christian venerated for her faith and endeavors. She was twenty years when her husband died but was not remarried and only focused on raising her son and daughter.

Anthusa’s devotion, strengthen and diligence on the Christian life influencing women on those days was admired not only amongst Christians but also on gentiles and scholars. She has made her son Saint John Chrysostom to learn philosophy and wisdom by great teachers of that era. She also taught her son about faith. However, he was not baptized until he was 23 years. After he finished his education, Saint John Chrysostom became lawyer for a while that gained him governmental authority. He was known for his extraordinary speeches amongst his teachers and gentile as well though he was not happy about all of it. He hated the living he led amongst a society with a morally depraved and corrupt mentally. He seeks virtue instead of corruption and love of Christianity grew within him. He started using his ability for studying holy scriptures and service of church. After his baptism, he was tonsured as a Reader.

In 386 AD, he entered a monastery where he wrote many scriptures about the significance of monastic and virginal life. There he met a monk named Basilus and they became friends. There was also another Syrian hermit called Ansosynos. Then one night he saw the apostles, Peter and John, entering where the Golden Mouth was. Saint John, the Apostle, gave him a Bible and told him, “Do not be afraid, whosoever you shall bind, shall be bound, and whosoever you shall loose, shall be loosed.” The old hermit therefore realized that Saint John Chrysostom would be a faithful shepherd.” (Coptic Synaxarium)

It was soon after this that the Lord’s grace filled the Saint and he wrote homilies, sermon and commentaries. He was a deacon at the time of this. He had also interpreted many books. Then was ordained as a priest by Saint Phlapianus, Saint Melatius’ successor, by the guidance of the angel of the Lord.

At the age of 49, he was elected as a Patriarchate of Constantinople by Emperor Arcadius when Patriarch Nectarius, departed. Saint John did not seize to teach, preach and interpret both old and new books of the church. He confidently rebuked the sinners and the wealthy. Saint John was sent to exile due to his argument with Queen Eudoxia while he admonished her to enter the Church and partake the Holy Communion.

The queen also sent from one place to another hastily, until they came to a city called Komana, where his health worsened. Then on 47 A.D. he departed in peace. The body of Saint John was taken to Constantinople. it was placed in the church of the Apostles. during the reign of Theodosius II, the son of Emperor Arcadius.

May His prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever, Amen!