“Who can find a virtuous woman, for her worth is above rubies” (Proverb 31:10)

June 2, 2021

Our world is a forum for diversity. The differences are neither undetermined nor limited. Just as the Femininity and masculinity are the difference in gender, the ultimatum of being a woman or a man is for humanity. The question is, what kind of woman or man should we be? The name masculine does not apply to the body alone; to be named as a woman does not preclude being a woman; everyone must choose the scales that can be weighed.

It is important to understand that femininity is different from the ordinary meanings we comprehend and glimpse. Femininity is compared to silver, gold, and red pearls. It is said to be much better than this, but it is not said to be erroneous. But this is not just a matter of walking in the way of the world or speaking properly. Pearl itself, is a precious commodity. Being overpowered by a red pearl is a priceless honor. So the weight of this price should not be in the balance. The standard should be different. Here we can observe who can find a wise woman, whose value is far greater than that of a pearl.

Red pearl is one of the most expensive and rare pearls in the world. Other types of pearls can be dyed from nitrogen, boron, or other substances. But it only gets its color from the carbon itself, and it takes a long time to get through that heat and challenge. There are very few red pearls in the world not available due their expensive. Next to red pearls, they are three to four hundred percent more expensive than purple and rose diamonds. In the current market, the price of a carat of pearls starts at 1,900 US dollars, while the starting price of red pearls is around 10,000 US dollars. Probably a factor as to why is said “The more rare the diamond is the more desired and valuable.”

We have mentioned the characteristics of the red pearl above to reach this wise woman who rose with this red pearl. What is dear to you, sister? What about ingenuity? Is it adorned with the most expensive clothes? Or did you do what the foreigners did yesterday? Of course, one of the negative aspects of our day is the distorted image we give to a good woman. Various media outlets portray her as a very nice and popular woman who is half-naked, curly, eye-catching, strong, courageous but not self-controlled and not even submissive to her conscience. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for young women, mothers, wives, and even young girls to ruin their homes, ruining their homes, and ruining their own lives in order to imitate and imitate this satanic image.

The philosopher Tertullix states, “Things gain favor because they are expensive and unusual. Sometimes being found in abundance is an insult in itself, but you make humility a decoration.” You are precious, If you were cheap, you would not be an example to the Holy Church. Let your love be like this. Do not be limited to those who are striving to adorn themselves in clothing and outward appearance, but strive to virtuous inside. The world is striving to shape women ahead of generation, as women’s identities are shaped by generations; But do not give up. Seek Holy Spirit as spiritual motherhood is your responsibility. Even though Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s house, it was his mother who raised him to be an Israelite. Look at Saint Gregory the Great. It was Nona who rose to be Gregory. Saint John the Baptist was thrived by the cherish of Saint of Athanasius.

So, instead of beautifying your identity, make wisdom your asset. The process can be tedious for you to have an orthodox personality, but keep in mind that the red pearl has gained popularity through intense heat and intense energy; Be a sharp sword on both sides. Look at the precious woman sitting there. As it is sated in Proverb 31:23, “Her husband is known in the gates, When he sits among the elders of the land;” May you be like a precious red pearl!”