Holy Trinity Visit Father Abraham

All Christians shall commemorate the holiday that Holy Trinity visit Father Abraham with mercy and a child.

The Life of the Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul

The marvelous witness, miraculous work and deed, is the signification of the disciples afore they departure later an astonishing fight and struggle for the Love of the Lord. The apostles were the closest one to talk, walk, share food and whose feet are even washed by His Holy Hands.

We celebrate the feast of our fathers the pure Apostles on the day of the commemoration of the Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul which is 5th day of the Hamele, Ethiopian calendar. Then, it is so vital to commemorate their hagiography.

One True Church!

Onwards the first Church of our Holy Mother
built with three stones without wood, mud and water
in Caledonia of Caesarea by Lord and Savior
then the apostles commanded prayer

and on the Sabbath of His appearance
at Philippians, gathered all the disciple
Saint Mary as the Ark of the Covenant
Saint Peter, the Priest
Archdeacon Stephen, the Saint

which they received the Eucharist
the Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ!

The Fiftieth Day

 “…suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit…” (Acts 2:1-4)

The Compassionate and Merciful Angel

The merciful, humble, compassionate and obedient, who praise the Lord for eternity, Archangel Saint Michael is the intercessor and mediator for humans by the Lord’s mercy upon us. (Enoch 6:5, 12:5,10:12)

He ascended to the heavens in Glory and Praise!

“By taking a body like ours and sitting it next to the God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ has truly reconciled humanity to God. Now this is crucial for us to understand. All that the Lord has done; He has done so that we may be able to also do! He has risen and conquered death so that we may do the same. But this was not all! He could not end there at resurrection alone! He has also ascended into the heavens so that you and I may also be able to do the same, that we may also have a place there with the Father. And this is what he said he would do when telling His disciples in John chapter 14 that He “goes and prepares a place for us”.

Marian Apparitions

Glory to God for reaching us to the feast of Holy Mother Saint Mary’s Divine Intervention!

We celebrate her apparition in numerous places, and especially her wonderful apparition in churches in Zeitoun, and in Papadopoulo, where many people, even those Muslims, polytheists and neo-pagans witnessed her appearance.

“He suffered; crucified and resurrected on the third day!” Daily Prayer

The redeemer of the world, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came down to earth from the heavens, be born from Holy Mother Saint Virgin Mary, be baptized, taught the gospel, healed and cured many aliments and leprosies, suffered, crucified and resurrected on the third day for the salvation of human race.

“Behold, Save us now!”

The Sabbath that Our Lord and Savior Jesus came to Jerusalem sitting on a donkey known as “Hosanna” meaning “Behold, save us now!”, is a feast which all in the name of Christian celebrates.

The Seven Covenants: The Covenant of Mercy

The Divine Wisdom of God for the salvation of the world is done through His tremendous mercy. The primordial covenants of the Old Testament were without the capability of redeeming mankind. The absolute covenant was done by the seventh covenant for the salvation of human race thru Holy Saint Virgin Mary.