The Revelation of Saint Mary

May 27, 2021

Holy Virgin Mary appeared in the lands of Egypt, on the temple of Coptic Church where many witnessed her revelation and her countless miracles for five consecutive days beginning May 29 till June 02.

The revelation of Holy Mother, Saint Mary was not only for Christians but for Muslims and those with lack of faith in witnessing her revelation. Saint Mary was revealed over and around of the domes of the Holy Church dedicated to her by her beloved son, Lord Jesus Christ during their exodus.  In her appearance Holy Angles appeared swathing in her glorify. Martyrs, righteous and all of the martyrs bowed infornt of her including with the initiation of Saint George and Saint Mercurius. Saint Mary’s revelation was in incandescent spiritual form which continued for five days in front of crowd of people from every ethnicity and religion. Saint Mary’s was compassionately raising her hand and blessing them in all directions. The pictures and videos only capture a glimpse of her loving care for us.

During those five days, the gathered people had similar question as was in the conscious of Saint Elizabeth, “But why is this granted to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Saint Elizabeth’s question was enclosed with the praise for the Virgin Mary: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!” She praises the Saint Mary and Lord Jesus who took flesh and was incarnate of her. All in the name of Orthodox Christians celebrate these five days praise through praising Saint Mary. (Luke 1:43)

Saint Elizabeth was blessed because she believed in the promises God granted Saint Mary to the blessed land. The people then asked, “Why is it that Saint Mary chose to visit our land in this time?”  Father Moses Samaan of Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles explained saying, “There is no land, other than Egypt, to which the Lord and Holy Family made a special visitation. The deep faith of the Egyptians is well known. There can be many reasons for this visit, but when we return to this gospel we find that the Holy Virgin does not answer Saint Elizabeth’s question except with praise for the Lord, Who fills the hungry, grants mercy, and has done “great things” for Saint Mary. Saint Mary was so filled with the Love of God, and moved to compassion to visit and serve Saint Elizabeth for three months in her pregnancy until her conception.

Father further noted, “As the Virgin herself proclaimed, “Henceforth all generations will call me blessed.” This is our duty; this is our pride; this is our strength. We call her blessed for several hours each week. Coptic churches throughout the world praise the Virgin and the Incarnation for hours continuously, with sincere devotion and heartfelt gratitude for His great love for mankind, and her great care for her children. Notice Saint Mary appears often in the middle of the night, after the faithful has praised for hours on end in earnest expectation. We praise her for the great work He has done in her, as a living testimony to the great work He seeks to perform in us, should we be so worthy.”

The crowd then solicited their wish; some asked to see their long last dead relative and witnessed them as their previous form. Other threw their handkerchiefs in acknowledging her love which she took and threw it back to them if so. They divided it among them for blessing. (Ethiopic Synaxarium, on May 29)

Let us not be only like those people who witnessed the miracles. Let us truly benefit from these blessed days and apparitions with a renewed heart and changed life. Let these wondrous apparitions not only be something we talk about as any newsworthy events, but changes our lives. Let Saint Mary enter into our homes and into our hearts. May we be known as her children reflecting pure life; Let us continually ask for the never-ending intercessions of Holy Mother, Saint Mary.