The Trepidation of GOD is the foundation of Wisdom. But heresies disrepute wisdom and regiment (Prov. 1:7)

By Hiwot Salelew

King David in his psalm and King Solomon in his proverb have written in Holy Spirit about the trepidation of GOD which is the asset of wisdom. (Psalm.110:10, Prov.1:7) Human being uses his sixth sense through seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and hearing that makes wisdom his assets. From the day of his birth till his death, this is one of his gifted graces. He embraces wisdom from GOD. Our creator GOD reveals it for Saints by his will. Prophet Isaiah said, GOD’s spirit÷ the wisdom and discern÷ the spirit of counsel and power÷ the spirit of knowledge and the trepidation of GOD will be upon him; to embrace the affluence of wisdom, GOD’s Holy Spiritual divulgence is of the essence. (Isa. 11:2) Godly heart Saint David pleaded saying, Direct me to your path; teach me your inquest and urged the wisdom from GOD. (Psalm. 24:4)

Affirmed as Trepidation for GOD is the throne of wisdom, the wisdom from GOD is the trepidation of him. (Syra. 1:18). Fearing GOD doesn’t mean thinking he might destroy us with his fury or with his power; or to feel agony or anxious. It is to believe he is the creator of the world and live by his command.

Wise Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes explained how fearing of GOD is obeying his law saying Listen to the ending of all things; it’s his everything÷ fear GOD÷ abide by his command(Eccles. 12:13). Similarly, in the book of Syracuse is stated, He, who fears GOD, will obey his law; those who reach him will attain their will.(Syra. 35:14)

Saint David in his Psalm has sung about GOD’s commandment, liturgy and law, GOD’s command is pure and it purifies the Soul; GOD’s witness is unswerving; also makes children wises. GOD’s liturgy is kindness ÷ pleases the heart; His commandment is bright; it also brightens the eyes. Likewise it is written Your law is vigor to my legs and the light to my path.(Psalm. 18:7-10; 118:105)

It is by GOD’s will but not by one’s own will and thought that we live; we couldn’t embrace GOD’s wisdom by protesting his existence and disobeying his command. It is significant to deviate from devious deeds which GOD despises and brace with good deeds. Wise Solomon said, Don’t be wise with your own opinion; fear GOD, deviate from all evil. He who fears GOD detests opposition; conflict and arrogance ÷ the evil path as well. Your heart shouldn’t envy sinners. However, live everyday by the trepidation of GOD. (Prov.3÷7-8; 23÷17-18)

The values of those who live through the trepidation of GOD are avowed.  Prophet David as well as Wise Solomon stayed in their throne for many years which is in scripted in the Holy Book; both of them were with GOD who pursued his command each for forty years. (1 King. 2÷10; 11÷41). The saying fearing GOD extends generations; but sinner’s age is shortened,was a prophecy consigned by Holy fathers. (Prov. 10÷27)

People who fear GOD are hopeful. Without hope either religion or deed subsists. The father of righteous, Abraham÷ went away from his relative to far country he didn’t know with hope. Among which was inheriting the state. (Gene. 15:7-21)

The land of promise has become the kingdom of heaven for the Unitarian. Thus, if Christians live in religion÷ be ethically strong, their hope is to inherit the Kingdom of heaven that no eye has ever seen, nor any ear has heard and no heart has imagined; GOD created it for those who love Him who hope to inherit His Kingdom. He, who fears GOD, is faithfully strong and consent sanctuary for his children.(Prov. 14:26)

Faithful Saints live with diligence by their religion; have got matured with good deed, attain grace and honor. When those who are spiritually poor are in power or obtain knowledge, devoid of feeling prevailed or boast, by the trepidation of GOD through lowering their self-pride and working with the poor people with humility, will inherit His Kingdom. Humility and the trepidation of GOD are prosperity, honor and life.  (Prov. 22÷4)

After the king of Judah Jehoshaphat assigned juries in every city of Judah, he presaged You don’t judge for human but for GOD÷ He is with you in the matter of judging; identify what you are doing; even now, let the trepidation of GOD be with you. In front of our creator GOD, there is no favoritism or grasping intercession; so do everything with care. (2 chron. 19:5-7)

Unfortunate to this generation, it is evident that besides not fearing GOD, they are causing massive exploitation forgetting His existence. Governors expected to bring reconciliation and peace on earth who are also assigned to govern the people, have forgotten GOD watches over everything and even cooperate with exploiters. But, relying on one’s own perceptions and authority drags them down.

By making the trepidation of GOD, authorities ought to serve justice within the people, but not cooperate with felons and exploiters, persecutors and murderers; GOD enriches those who fear Him with blessing; be it governors or a person, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, man or woman, He watches all. Those who fear GOD÷ miniatures and immense; were all blessed by Him. (Psalm.113:21)

As Holy Mother Saint Virgin Mary in her prayer said, He made power on his shoulders; he dispersed arrogant that rely on their own wishes, over throw them from their throne.(Everyday Prayer) He will mortify those who are in arrogance (Luka, 2:51-52). Therefore, as his creatures, we shan’t deviate from GOD’s will but rise up from the grime with the trepidation of GOD. Let the will of GOD be upon us to live by His will; Amen.

Praise to GOD!

Source: Amharic text by Deacon Zekarias Negede at website/