Let us shield the true Orthodox Tewahdo Religion!

By Hiwot Salelew

Historical inscriptions revealed about heresies of generations haunting our Orthodox Tewahdo Religion; as today’s enemy forces execute their scam in implicit and overtly enforcing violence and massacres. Especially these days, the forces are burning down Churches and murdering laities to demolish Christianity and expand Islamism.

Beginning the last two years, different regions including Gondar, Jimma, Sidama, East and Southwestern Shoa, Bale, Assela, Jigjiga, Kersa, Metu, Nekemet, Arsi, Woliso, Haremaya, Kombolcha, Bahirdar, Woldiya, Kemise, Debre Tabor, Fiche, Asebe Teferi(Chiro), Dessie, Dire Dewa, Arsi, Gara Muleta, East and West Harrerigea, Addis Ababa and its surroundings like Holeta were places where their extermination surfaced. In cities like Dire Dawa and Harar, they abducted Orthodox Tewahdo believers, forcing them convert to Muslims, being a cause for many people to flee from their home and surroundings; confiscating their education and scattering them from their neighborhoods to nearby cities; some have even hided in forests, as reports stated. Those who fell in the hands of the enemies, refusing to change their Religion have been threatened to death, unless they unravel their faith for the Cross and accept Islamism. But, sources have also disclosed those who have been crucified as a sacrifice for their Religion. Per the recent information, 25 Churches have burned, hundreds of Christians have been slaughtered, thousands of houses and properties have been destroyed.

They are burning Churches, razing peace within the country, instigating internal conflicts, destroying houses and their possessions as well to obliterate Christianity; so, we ought to do what is enforced by paying sacrifice for our Religion.

Religion is to believe in one GOD; it is to have faith and worship the sovereign of all creatures GOD, existing pre world, at present and till the end of time. Measuring water with His palm, the sky with His fingers, convening the soil in His dimension, weighing mountains and hills by balance, irreplaceable and boundless is our Creator GOD. As Saint David said, “Before mountains were created, the soil and the world as well, You are from eternity to eternity.” (Psalm. 69:2)

Our Saint fathers have paid many sacrifices in preserving our religion; enforced through the work of Holy Spirit, from the pure and the Holy Saint Virgin Mary, born as absolute human from her flesh and soul, with the Gospel He preached, his sacrifices on the cross, redeeming holy Church with His blood, which Saints, Righteousness and Martyrs have highly forfeited for; They conveyed Orthodox Tewahdo Religion from generations to generations.

We ought to pay our depth and keep our promise, so that our forth children preserve Holy Church, pursue in Orthodox Tewahdo Religion and live through Christian life to apt for eternal life; let’s keep their promise; defeat our enemy, shield Holy Church and convene our religion to convey it for the next generations.

Source: Amharic text at www.mahiberekidusan.com/amharic website/