The Star of the Dessert and The Head of Anchorites

March 13, 2023

The Ethiopian “Star of the desert” and “The Head of Anchorites”, Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus’s departure date on Megabit 5, 2015 (March 14, 2023) is commemorated on our Holy Orthodox Tewahedo Church amongst all Christians.

Our righteous father was born on Tahisas 29 (January 2, G.C)  829 from his father Simeon and his mother ‘Aklesya who were people of God. These righteous parents had no child for thirty years. Fortunate to them though for God bestowed them blessed child.

Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus had praised God on his birthday, saying “Glory be to the FATHER, Glory be to the SON, Glory be to the HOLY SPIRIT, who has brought me out of the darkness into the light.”

The great father lived without any fare his entire life. He neither ate food nor wear clothe from birth but lived naked in the desert. He was shielded by his long beard and hair covering his entire body. His life on the dessert was with 60 lions and 60 tigers whom was order by God whilst his journey to Ethiopia from Egypt.

Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus is known for his incredible miracles throughout his life. He has prayed for the mercy of God to the Ethiopian people for 100 years in the river at Ziquala Mountain. He was then vowed by Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all those who commemorate his holidays by feeding the poor and nurturing them.

The Star of the dessert lived in the desert of Egypt 300 years in Egypt and 262 in Ethiopia with a total life span of 562 years on earth and died on March 13. Accord to His marvelous deed and diligenc , he is entitled as, “The Star of the desert” and “The Head of Anchorites.”

May his intercession and blessing be upon us, Amen!