Archbishops Basilios passed away!

March 13, 2023 

The Archbishops of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo, New York Rochester Dioceses Saint Mary Monastery Monastery Abune Basilios has died.

According to the information from the office of the Holy Synod, subsequent to his death, his corpse will be brought to Addis Ababa the coming Saturday, March 18, 2023 for his funeral to be held at Menebere Tsebaot Holy Trinity Cathedral Church.

Archbishops Basilios III received sacrament by the hands of His Holiness Abune Marcius.   As his story affirms, he has served in Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in different areas before becoming a bishop.  He has specially served in various service sector, at Agiwe Midire Awi Mero in Bahir Dar Genet Saint George Church, where he started his service.

Moreover, He was sent to German and acquired the necessary education. Then after, he went to the Diocese of New York in North America, in the Papacy Holy Trinity Church, in which he served from servanthood up to fatherhood.

May his blessing be with us, Amen!