“Onwards the time of ignorance, GOD then order all to repent in their dwellings” (Acts.16:30)

By Hiwot Salelew

In Aetna, where Saint Paul was preaching about true LORD Jesus Christ with ethereal, Athenians listened to his sermon and took him to a place known as Ariospagus. These people were use to listen to prodigious conceptions; Saint Paul preached about the GOD of righteousness; LORD Jesus Christ. (Acts. 17:16-31).

He notified how GOD is almighty, giving his life to his creatures, without any relieve, intact with those who are gracious and a kind heart urging for their creator. Amid this word, by straying the junctures he reminded them about GOD’s decree to repent at instance.

Tough Apostle Saint Paul preached heathens in Aetna, it has also big message. Especially his words, Onwards the time of ignorance, GOD then order all to repent in their dwellings (Acts 16:30),” unswervingly gears us.

Our life drawn by sin and depriving us from GOD these days, might have influenced the raising of our sword and steering fire to elevate on today’s barrage.

Priest Athanasius Iskander of Egypt Coptic Orthodox Church have said, slayers who think they are righteous tough are forsaken, perceive their deed is what they assume is righteous.

Our religion arrays love your enemies, bless that curse you, be kind to your haters, pray for your hunters,(Matt. 5:44-45). Surely, we all believe this word, tough in hardship to be practical. As Christians, we attain Martyrdom not by cursing but praying for those who curses us and showing them love.

On towards the straying juncture, GOD has been commending and objurgating us through prophets, Apostles, holy fathers and scholars in each generation. Now, he is punishing us for we haven’t accredited our fathers commend.

Source: Amharic text by Deacon Abel Kassahun at www.mahiberekidusan.com/amharic website/