“God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwell not in temples made with hands” (Acts 17:24)

Athenians worshiping assorted witches made Apostle Paul furious and fuming. Qualm the existence in GOD, they curved sculptures and bow in front it by the Title of “The unknown GOD.” Watching them in irate he said, “God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwell not in temples made with hands.” He preached for them to have faith in the Alpha and Omega, GOD. Saint Paul’s name signifying his Christ’s gulp of air, his deed wasn’t out of the ordinary; tough theirs was inapt. (Acts 17:22-24)

“God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwell not in temples made with hands,” is about the Birth of Our LORD and Savior Jesus Chris, his crucifixition and the construction of Holy Temple.

For GOD to be in our lives, we shall work of worship and be his temple. Written in the Holy Bible, when our forefathers sacrificed goat, sheep, and doves, a fire of scarification descended from the sky and consumes it and they would know GOD had accepted their sacrifice. Under his shell, righteous live with the will of GOD.
Saint John explained scarification alike, “it is not to sacrifice goat, sheep, Dove since he sacrificed himself for us. But it is to sacrifice ourselves. Our prayer, work of worship genuflection and abstaining are the scarification to GOD and the plate which they are served on are Patience and politeness. (Saint John the Saurian)
Sometimes, patient leads to egoism. People tend to imply them not getting angry or live without worry; they seem to think of themselves as good; but, patient needs politeness. Or else, egoism sinks within us. Even if we are patient, we need not feel it because to be tolerable is to be patient up to the limit and more. It is just as Angel’s everlasting gratitude to GOD. Our forefathers exemplifies patient as Honey; as it is tasty but stiff to eat much. In our marriage, we ought to tolerate our spouse but not divorce. GOD tolerates till the end of time. Saint John has also stated to “Praise to the LORD, as he is always patient.”
Chastity needs tolerance; the temptation of physical intercourse, wealth and power is very tense. To surpass this challenge we need to be patient. To be diligent in prayer, abstinence and work of worship, tolerance is off the quintessence.

People might be irritated and annoyed by prayer. They might also feel like GOD didn’t answer their prayer; except the prayer of righteous is from their mouth to their. As soon as they pray GOD answers them in a heartbeat. Thus, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t hear our prayer, but has his own mysteries ways; there is no prayer that doesn’t get answered. But to serve our scarification, we need to have a pure heart and the fire that devours our sacrifice is Love of GOD; Rather than to ache for wealth and fornication, better to be ablaze with the Love of GOD. Then, we don’t get exasperated by righteousness. If we are infuriated by Spiritual service, Divine Liturgy, Confession and Holy Matrimony, but for the Love of GOD.
It is improper to ache for wealth, power or beauty. Saint John affirmed the paltry of beauty as, “The beauty you throb for is the fluid that enters within your body. If I show it you on a plastic, you will be disgusted. The out layer of our face is covered with skin, but is as same as disgusting. Our corpse that decays is not to be conceited off. Don’t blaze for fornication and temptation but for the Love of GOD.”

Holy Spirit descending alike fire is for his children to blaze with love. Just as it’s said “you will be baptized with fire,” we blaze with his love. Then, we say, “My heart flamed with Holy spirit and I out spoke secret.” Therefore, Saint Paul blazed with Love of GOD. As Saint John affirmed also, “trounce you cadaver’, abstain your desire; just as it said, “if your right hand tempts you, cut it off; if our hand greed to help the need, our eyes fancies’ fornication, forbid them. And if our legs resist divine liturgy, “Stand till the end without qualm. We shall trounce our corporeal desire for the salvation of our soul.
May GOD be in our lives, Amen!