“And when he would not be persuaded, we ceased, saying, the will of the Lord be done” (Acts 21:14)

It was the will of GOD to create the heaven and earth,

Angels upon their world and all creatures underneath

To bring love and harmony he pronounced to let it be

Alive all being became seeking to see

Their creator who wield their life to bree

Vanity led the thee archangel

Satan coveting to prime and hail

Seemed not to deceive Saint Gabriel

Avowing to wait in faith till

The creator who comes to seal

Dishonored from his integrity

Tough destined for eternity

He converted to obscenity

 Adam the first mankind

Ate the forbidden fruit tied

With his virtue and wife

Was steered on earth for life

The Days and nights went by as he grew older

Sundry hurdles he confronted and dares bolder

Evil derision dragging his soul to hell

No more less than his deed last shell

He’s promised by the LORD Jesus tell

“I will be born from your recipient

To free you and pay your debt”

This was his will to all, avowed by his words

Our LORD Jesus Christ, Savior of Christians

Luckless to heterodoxies defying his commands

Neither regretting sinning nor craving repentances

Cursing those heresies and calling on the good ones

Rebuking man requisite to be altered

And when he would not be persuaded

We ceased, saying, the will of the Lord be done

Plagues he brought for it is his rage proven