Feast of Archangel Saint Uriel

The Archangel Saint Uriel is one of the seven leading archangels. Uriel means the “Light of God or the “Fire of God.” Our Lord, God has appointed Saint Uriel over thunder, flood and lightening. This was done on Tir 22.

As the main spiritual role of Archangel Uriel is that of the angel who guides the deceased during the Last Judgment, this has drawn the connection between Uriel and the “Raging Fire of God’s Judgement.” Uriel, also, is regarded as an angel with deep ties to the Earth and humanity, whereas the other archangels primarily fulfill duties in heaven.

Saint Uriel was the one who revealed the wisdom and mystery of heaven to prophet Enoch. (Enoch 6:1-6) He has is the one who received Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s precious blood in the cup of light and sprayed it over the world on Lord Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion. Saint Uriel is also the one who lead Holy Mother Saint Mary and her baby Lord Jesus on her exodus to Egypt and Ethiopia. Furthermore, it was he who gave the cup of wisdom to Prophet Ezra Sutuel and to the Ethiopian Patristic Father Abba Giorgis Zagascha of whom the heavenly mystery and knowledge was hidden from but revealed by the command of Holy Mother Saint Virgin Mary.

May Archangel Saint Uriel ‘s intercession and mediation be with us, Amen!