Aster’eyo Mariam

Amid the Age of “Aster’eyo/revelation/, not only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ’s as well as the oneness and Threeness of God was revealed, but also the departure of Holy Mother Saint Mary on Tir 21, of which we make a feast known as “Aster’eyo Mariam.”

The Mother of God, Holy Mother Saint Mary lived in this world for 64 years and rested honorably after Holy Spirit informed her. Though our mother died onward all the misery and suffering she bared for the salvation of humans, she has ascended just as her Son, Lord Jesus Christ. This was on a blessed day Nehasse 16.

Saint Mary lived for three years in her parents’ house, 12 years in the temple, 33 years alongside her Son, and for 15 years with the apostle Saint John after our Lord’s ascension, a total of 64 years on earth and died honorably on Tir 21, at 49 E.C.

All Christians shall celebrate this feasts and so Holy Church has made a liturgy for us.  “Aster’eyo Mariam” is a feast to be celebrated amongst the Christian community and thus the entire Orthodox Tewahedo society including our country, make a great feast. We celebrate this feast not just to commemorate the departure of our Holy Mother Saint Mary, but craving and hoping for her intercession and mediation.

Therefore, we shall celebrate her departure day so that our Mother Saint Mary could plead peace, love and unity for us, as well as salvation for our soul.

May God’s mercy, the intercession and mediation of our Holy Mother Saint Mary be with us, Amen!!!