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Martyr Philopator Saint Mercurius

Martyr Philopator whose name is interpreted as “lover of the Father” and also meaning “servant of Jesus Christ” died on December 4. The holy man was a native of the city of ‘Asletes, which was also the city of his father, and his grandfather who were born therein, and he was brought up in the city of Rome. Now the occupation of his father, and grandfather, and his kinsmen was that of hunters of wild beasts.

Holy Zion

Zion biblically symbolizing our Holy Mother Saint Mary originally refers to Mount Zion, a hill in Jerusalem, where Prophet David’s Palace is built and the Ark of Covenant is found.

The Power of Thought

God imprinted His Divine Image, into the nature of man which draws us toward everything that is morally good and averts him from everything that is morally evil. This inner law works through the voice of conscience, which justly is called the voice of God in man. Because it is an integral part of human nature, it is active in all people regardless of their age, race, education, or development…

The Prophet’s Fast

The Prophet’s Fast is amongst the seven canonically recognized by the Ethiopian Orthodox Incarnation Church. The Fast begins on November 24 and ends on Eve of the Holiday. (Fetha Negest, Article 15, Number 565)


Greeting to you Children! How are you? Glory to God for His will and mercy for keeping us healthy and in peace till today!

Dear Children, today we are going to teach you about “Fasting” so, follow us attentively!

Feast of the Archangel Saint Michael

The festival of the honored Saint Michael the Archangel, the head of the hosts of heaven, the Angel who is merciful to the children of men, who stand at all times before the great throne of God speaking on behalf of the children of man is celebrated on November 21.

The Departure of Saint Anna

The pious and righteous Saint Anna (Hannah), the mother of our Lady, the Holy virgin Saint Mary, the Mother of God, departed on November 20. This Holy woman was the daughter of Matthan, the son of Levi, the son of Melki, who was a descendant of Aaron the priest. Her mother’s name was Mary (Mariam) and she was from the tribe of Judah.

Feast of Debre Qusquam

Qusquam in Arabic is the name of mountain in Upper Egypt on which the monastery and Holy Church of Al- Muharraka are still standing. The Monastery marks where the Holy Family is said to have dwelt during their exile in Egypt. The Homily of Theophilus compares the Holy Mountain in Egypt with the Holy mountain of Zion and Refers to Mary as “Mary of Zion.”

Prayer in Holy Church

Dear Children of God, Greetings to you! Glory to God as He kept as all in peace and unity till today!

Children! last time we have learned about the meaning of Prayer, Our Lord’s prayer and Saint Mary’s Prayer, Today, we will learn about Prayer in Church so follow us attentively!

Commemoration of Saint Mark, The Apostle and Evangelist

Saint Mark was born of Jewish parents three years after the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Saint Mark was a native of the North Africa county of Libya. He was born in the city of Cyrene in Pentapolis, The western part of Libya, west of the border of Egypt….