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Return to Galilee!

Return to Galilee
free dove be thee!
For your enemy deceased
come home; you’re endorsed!

The Liturgy of Prayer

Dear Children of God, how are you? How is life and school? How are you doing in your education? Are you studying well and getting good grades? How about house chores? Are you helping your families by obeying their house rule? Hope you have become an obedient child to your families and God more than anything.

Children, we hope you remember our last lesson about prayer because today we have presented to you the second part. We will see the seven times of prayer which are Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers/Compline/, Bed time and Midnight.

Laity’s Role in Church

All who are living in sinful world, notice how repentance is seeking forgiveness in regret of disappointing the Lord. It is an alarm of returning to God and so repentance then is returning to God. He says, “Return to me, and I will return to you” (Malachi 3:7).

Crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ

The Holiday of which Our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for the salvation of the world, is feast of all Christians. The Holy Bible mentioned that: “From the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land.” (Matthew 27:45) The sun had hidden its light when it saw its creator incarnated, hanging with His own free will on the wood of the Cross, inclined His head, and yielded up His spirit.

Queen of flowers

Flowers, especially the red and the white roses have long been associated with spirituality. A red rose signifies love, devotion and commitment. The white one is symbol of innocence, purity and virginity. These are flowers which blossom in the world of flowers just as Saint Mary, our Holy Mother have come to this world for the salvation of us. She is the mother of God and thus a queen of all the saints, righteous, martyrs and even is greater than the angels. So Lady virgin Mary is the Queen of spiritual flowers; and therefore, is called the Rose, for the rose is known to be beautiful amongst all flowers. Moreover, she is the Mystical or Hidden Rose.

“What must I do?” (Acts 16:30)

The Philippian jailer asked Paul and Silas this question which is a critical one for each of us. What must a person do to be saved not only from everlasting fire but also in times of Melancholy? When our world is in chaos and as such times of misery, humans are likely to seek answer and liberation from any kinds of suffering as well as trial. Who do we ask this question and accept answer in resolving our problems.

The Liturgy of Prayer

Dear Children of God, how have you been? How are your families, friends and School? Are you doing well in your education this year? We hope you have got all the good grades and be rewarded. Children, we have been telling you all along about the importance of education in particular to the Church teachings that guides your spiritual life. Therefore, it is better for you to learn beginning your childhood until you become mature and even at old ages. Since our spiritual life is eternal, we shall always be ready to hear, read and understand the word of God.

Dear Children of God, you remember our last lesson right? It was about the “Liturgy of Fasting.” Now, we will teach you about “The Liturgy of Prayer.”

Mystical Rose

The most beautiful flower ever seen in the spiritual world as the Italian refer her “Rosa Mystica/Mystical Rose/ is our Holy Mother Saint Mary.

Rosa decens, rosa munda,

Rosa recens sine spina,

Rosa florens et secunda

Rosa gratia divina

Rose graceful, rose clean,

fresh rose without a thorn,

rose in bloom and favorable

Rose divine grace

The Two Virginal Grooms of Christ

Righteous give their lives to the “Love of God” ridiculing the world, undermining corporal needs and defeating the enemy. Their heart’s desire is in keeping His will to be beneath the law and serve Him. They crave to be His children and live in His kingdom for eternity. For this, their earthly lives are filled with hardships, obstacles and sorrowfulness. They seek not a worldly happiness, wealth or fame. They give in anything that apart them from their spirituality and in reaching their Lord.

In the history of righteous people in scripted in holy scriptures synaxarium and hagiographies, the story of the two virginal grooms of Christ who departed in the same day Tikmet 14 (October 25) are our Fathers Abune Aregawi and Saint Gabra Christos.

Laity’s Role in Church

Christians foremost ways of meeting God is prayer. As Prophet David said, “seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws,” (Psalm 119:164) we have seven canonical hours to praise, plead and worship our Lord; let us see them one by one.