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The Impotent Man

The Impotent Man embedded for 38 years was desperately seeking strength and restoration of his capacity. He was stuck to the ground for probably more than half of his life and his status by the pool of Bethesda describes how the “very sinful sin” can paralyze our inner man who was born of God in His own image.

The Elevation of The Holy Cross

The day the glorious Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ to Whom be praise, appeared twice; the first time through the Empress Helena, the mother of Constantine, the righteous emperor occurred on March 19.

Holy Temple

God, ‘The Alpha, The Omega and The Almighty’ inhabit in Holy Temple as He is ‘Holy.’ This house of God ‘Temple’ is embodied by three parts.

His Holiness Abune Mercurius laid to Rest!

Ethiopian Patriarch His Holiness Abune Mercurius has laid to rest at Holy Trinity Cathedral Church after his death at the age of 84 while receiving treatment at a hospital. The late 4th Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Incarnation Church was buried on March 13, at the funeral ceremony where Patristic Fathers from various countries, government officials, Members of the diplomatic community, Bishops of Coptic Church of Egypt, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church of India, Representatives of the Holy See and All Africa Conference of Churches and thousands laities gathered were present. His Holiness Abune Matias, extended his benediction at the funeral ceremony where his life story was read.

The Departure of Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus

Our Righteous father Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus lived 100 years in solitude in Lake Ziquala, praying for Ethiopia. He also lived in the desert escorted by 60 lions and 60 tigers that served him. The saint lived 300 years in Egypt and 262 in Ethiopia with a total life span of 562 years on earth and died on March 14.

Lord Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Jerusalem where Our Lord Jesus Christ was born, circumcised, baptized, and lived for thirty three years for fulfilling the vow of salvation of mankind was a blessed city. Being the reason during the apostasy era, the Lord preached that many were saved and healed with His divine power. Tough before His forthcoming heresies and pagans surfaced, His spread of ‘The Gospel’ called thousands and thousands to the House of God for eternal life. His words, preaching and miraculous spread all over the world, bringing them to witness His presence in His birth town.

But though there were others who denied Him being ‘The Holy Son of The Holy Father’ and refused to accept His words. They even tried to destroy His house ‘Holy Temple.’ Especially Jews were His foremost enemies which later on even were the ones to crucify Him. Even though His will was upon their deed for He had to sacrifice His life in saving us. This being the reality, Lord Jesus forbidden all evilness whilst His reside on earth.


Holy is a word that expresses the notion of purity and righteousness. All creatures of “The Holy Father, The Holy Son and The Holy Spirit” shall be Holy as He created us as in His image and embodiment.

The Great Fast

Dear Children of God, Greetings to you and gratitude to Almighty God!

Children, how are you? We hope you are well!

Today we are going to teach you about “The Great Fast.”

God’s Will

Living in a deceitful world, we struggle against evil but God is always sovereign and His will is upon human for redemption and freedom. (Romans 8:28) In scripted in Holy Scriptures, God’s will is of two kind; God’s revealed will and Mysterious will.