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The Prince of Martyrs Saint George

On the year 307 A.D., the great among the martyrs Saint George, was martyred. He was born in Cappadocia in Minor Asia; in the first half of the third century to a wealthy and godly Christian family. His father’s name was Anastasius, and his mother’s name was Theobaste. When he was fourteen years old, his father died and their mother took charge of raising them up on a Christian piety. His mother took them back to the city of Lydda in Palestine, her homeland…

“On the Road to Emmaus” (Luke 24:13-35)

A road is a way to a distant. It is the path for a journey. Our globe has many roads within and people travel on it in reaching a distant, though the aim of the journey differs. Emmaus is the most fortune one since Lord and Savior Jesus Christ blessed it after His resurrection.

Rise up!

Man came to be alive for a life given by God, with His precious work. He created Him from dust and wind, then saw how great it was! He gave him life for he could live in heaven forever. Unfortunate to all the human race though for the first mankind ate the forbidden fruit and brought death upon the world.

Human beings were to die eternally for it would not have been for the Holy Father, who send His Holy Son for the salvation of men and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ defeating the enemy Satan and overcame death. The rise of Lord Jesus Christ is thus the life after death in Kingdom of Heaven.

The Mystery of Resurrection

Dear Children of God, how are you? How was holiday? Did you spend it at Church according to the liturgy? Did you have good time with you family with joy and peace? We hope the holiday was pleasant and joyful. Children! How well do you know about resurrection? If you have learned about it at your schools, it is very good! But if not, we will teach on this lesson!

The Era of Resurrection

The savior and redeemer of the world our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s resurrection revealed on the Holy Sabbath day and onwards as the seventh day consequent to the Holiday of His rising is commemorated at our Ethiopian Orthodox Incarnation Church.

The Light of the world!

Darkness surfaced upon the world after the first man Adam defied His creator, God for he lived in misery and slavery until the light of the world Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came to this world, defeated enemy Satan by His mysterious work of salvation reveled on His Resurrection.

Passion Week

The last week of the Great Lent ‘Passion Week’ is the commemoration of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffering for the salvation of human beings. They are the six days starting from Monday till Saturday of having their own name and meaning signifying the week; So we shall see them each.

Hosanna in the highest!

The Lord above the Cherubim,
Today enters Jerusalem,
Taking the human flesh to redeem,
Hosanna in the highest.

Feasts of Lord Jesus Christ’s Conception

The savior of the world, the redeemer of mankind and the salvation of all human race Lord Jesus Christ work of salvation through becoming human announced to Holy Mother Saint Mary is the foremost feasts commemorated in our holy orthodox incarnation church.


Dear Children of God! How are you? How is school? Are you studying well?  We hope you are doing your best and acquiring all the necessary knowledge! It is always important to know the significance (use) of school especially Church’s education.

Dear Children of God! this is the main reason we have been consequently teaching you about Christians Doctrines that we usually learn at Church. It is the one of the major knowledge which helps us to live in Christian life and be good children of God.

Children, do you remember our previous lessons about Christian Livings? If so, good! But if you have forgotten, it is important to read about it again so that you could be reminded and also learn it by heart. May we remind you that we have seen about the meaning of Christianity, Christian doctrines and Christian conducts which are good deed and faithfulness. For today we will teach you about another Christian conduct which is forgiveness.