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Commemorating the Crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ

The Redeemer Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified on April 5 to whom is praised in amongst all Christians for He gave His life for our salvation. He suffered much to cleanse our soul and sacrificed himself upon the cross willingly for saving mankind.

The Faithful Servant

The story in scripted in the Matthew’s Gospel is exemplary. A man travelling into a far country who called his own servants and delivered to them his goods. To one servant he gave five talents, to another, two and to the last, one talent according to their ability and straightway went away on his journey. Then the servant who had received the five talents went, traded and made other five talents. Likewise the one who had received two also gained other two. But the servant who had received one went, dogged in the earth and hid his lord’s money.


Our Lord Jesus Christ came into Jerusalem amid “Hosanna,” on March 31 in order for each of the prophets in his time had prophesied concerning Him shall be fulfilled.

The Sermon on the Mount

Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”And Jesus answered…

The Great Fast- Part Two

Dear Children of God, Greetings to you and gratitude to Almighty God!

Children, how are you? We hope you are well!

Do you remember what we learned last time? We taught you about The Great Fast and its weeks ‘Zewerede, Holy, Mekurab and The Impotent Man.’

Today we will continue from the fourth week ‘Debereziet’ until ‘Hossana.’ So follows us attentively!

The Impotent Man

The Impotent Man embedded for 38 years was desperately seeking strength and restoration of his capacity. He was stuck to the ground for probably more than half of his life and his status by the pool of Bethesda describes how the “very sinful sin” can paralyze our inner man who was born of God in His own image.

The Elevation of The Holy Cross

The day the glorious Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ to Whom be praise, appeared twice; the first time through the Empress Helena, the mother of Constantine, the righteous emperor occurred on March 19.

Holy Temple

God, ‘The Alpha, The Omega and The Almighty’ inhabit in Holy Temple as He is ‘Holy.’ This house of God ‘Temple’ is embodied by three parts.

His Holiness Abune Mercurius laid to Rest!

Ethiopian Patriarch His Holiness Abune Mercurius has laid to rest at Holy Trinity Cathedral Church after his death at the age of 84 while receiving treatment at a hospital. The late 4th Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Incarnation Church was buried on March 13, at the funeral ceremony where Patristic Fathers from various countries, government officials, Members of the diplomatic community, Bishops of Coptic Church of Egypt, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church of India, Representatives of the Holy See and All Africa Conference of Churches and thousands laities gathered were present. His Holiness Abune Matias, extended his benediction at the funeral ceremony where his life story was read.

The Departure of Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus

Our Righteous father Abune Gebre Menfes Qidus lived 100 years in solitude in Lake Ziquala, praying for Ethiopia. He also lived in the desert escorted by 60 lions and 60 tigers that served him. The saint lived 300 years in Egypt and 262 in Ethiopia with a total life span of 562 years on earth and died on March 14.