“You shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15)

December 7, 2022

Dear Children of God! How are you? How is school and your study? We hope you are doing well and following you’re your teacher’s education! Children, as the first semester is coming to an end in few weeks, you shall ask what you have learned so far. it is very important to understand and learn by heart what you teachers taught you until now so that you can pass all your exams with very good grades and acquire knowledge for you success of future. Ok, Good!

Dear Children! This week’s lesson is about stealing which is amongst the ten commandment. God has commanded all human beings to keep this rule and live by it. He told Prophet Mosses on the Mount of Sinai included in the ten commandment “You shall not steal.” (Exodus 20:15) The Israeli people were commanded by the Prophet to be honest, not to touch anything of someone else’s belonging and not to take each other’s possessions (materials) so that there could be trust among them.

Dear Children of God! What do you think stealing is? It is taking some ones else’s materials without the permission (will) of the owner. It is amongst the sin that curses (makes bad) a person. There are different kinds of reason for someone to steal but for every reason they might, it is wrong. For example, they might not have money or be starving so they take money from other people. But instead of stealing they can beg others for money. Some people steal just because they like what others have and wish to make it theirs. However, this is very wrong and hurts the person as well as disappoints God. Children, we shall never take anything that is not ours and without the owner’s permission. This is defying God’s law and we shall be punished since we disobeyed His rule.

Dear Children of God, there are also some thieves who take others money or different kinds of materials by force or deceiving (lying). This is also wrong and sin. Others steal without the owner knowing behind his/her back. This people know that it is wrong to take someone else’s materials without asking but they do it. So they are considered as thieves. Children! It is very embarrassing to be called thieves especially at young age like you. Therefore, you shall not take anything that is not your even from your parents, siblings, relatives, neighbor, friends or strangers.
Dear Children of God! even if you find anything that is does not belong to you, you shall for example if you find pen, pencil, eraser, books, note books or sharpener, you have to return it to the owner because it they have lost it, or dropped it. If we do not find them to return it, you must give to the teacher or class leader and you must always be honest.

Dear Children of God! stealing is forbidden and keep away from the kingdom of God. Saint Paul the Apostle have said, “nor thieves, not covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:10) Children, as you are youngsters you might be amused (like) by many things in life. But, it is not appropriate to take what is not ours. When you are at home, you might take something from the house that is not yours, but you must always ask permission to make something yours instead of taking anything. Because, if we make it our habit, we will be drawn to taking what is not of ours and keep on stealing from others which leads us in to being thieves.

Dear Children of God! There are many stories of faithful fathers and mothers in the Holy Bible. Their story is exemplary to us because they have been faithful people all their lives. God has chosen and honored them for better preferment (promotion) but punished those who stolen and became thieves. There is an exemplary story written in the Holy Bible about Achan who stole something that is not of theirs and hide in this house. He defied God’s law and took what is not of his. Then Israeli faced problems and were defeated by their enemies. Then Prophet Joshua prayed to God and He told him that Achan is the cause for their punishment because he stole what is not of his. So, Prophet Joshua went to Achan and punished him so God forgive them and their problems were solved. (Joshua 7)

Children! Do you observe the harmfulness of Stealing? This is why we shall be hate it. As youngsters you have to avoid stealing from our lives because when you grow up, you are might to be appointed to a big authority. We shall not take anything and disappoint other people. If there is something that you need from your parents, elders brothers and sisters as well as you teachers, you have tell them to fulfill those things for you instead of hiding and taking it.

Farwell children, we have finished today lesson and hope you have understood what you have learned and avoid stealing. We wish you a good time until we meet on our next lesson.