The Good Samaritan

Deacon Zekrstos Tsegaye

 Children let us learn to help each other

 “Love your neighbor as yourself”   (Luke 10:27)

 First of all please try to answer the following practical questions;

One day a lawyer asked LORD Jesus, who is my neighbor?  And Jesus told him this story.

Once upon a time a man was traveling. All of a sudden, bunch of thieves grabbed him, took all his money and clothing, beat him, wounded him and left him on the road in a very bad condition.

 Then a priest was walking on the same road, when he saw the wounded man and passed by on the other side.

Then a Levite was walking in the same road but when he saw the wounded man he came and looked at him but again passed by leaving him on the side of the street.

Then a Samaritan came on the same road and saw the wounded man.

He felt sad and bad for him. So, he cleaned his wounds, put oil on them, carried him on his donkey and took him to a guest house.

He took care of him all night. In the morning before he leaves, he gave him money to the owner of the guest house and told him to use it in care for the wounded man.

After the Lord Jesus finished the story, he asked the lawyer; who one of those people would be considered a neighbor for the wounded man? (Luke 10:25-37)

The priest, the Levite or the Samaritan man? Children please try to answer the question of the Lord Jesus.

The lawyer answered correctly and said that the Samaritan would be considered as a neighbor.

The Lord told the lawyer to go and be good like the Good Samaritan man who took care of the wounded man.

We have to be kind and caring like the Samaritan to help every person in trouble.

We have to take care of others whenever they are in need.

May our LORD Jesus Christ be with all of us!!!