“Sense of Conscience”

By Hiwot Salelew

A true amnesty is conscience; acquainting us with GOD for eternal relief. In search of it, Christians do not retreat from anguish. Rather, to enter GOD’s kingdom with diligence, in the midst to bequeath our great delight. Traveling on a path leading us to GOD of which, is filled of dare encountering corporeal tedious that endows us spiritual comfort within happiness.  That is why on Syracuse 6÷23 is stated, “Oh, my son listen and persevere by my advice without contempt! Consign your leg in her yoke and tie the shackle on your neck. Bend your back low and carry her. Do not be frustrated with her leg chain. Deploy to her with your ideal soul; protect her lane with your whole power; seek and follow her craving, as you shall find her. You will find amnesty in your ending bestowing your enchantment.”

It is possible to change the decree of judges with a bribe; but conscience is inimitable. Never has punished with what everyone else is unaware of, nor has it ever itinerant out of the permit of scruples since body parts like hand, legs and others clutter its judgment. If mankind’s conscience always judges through others mind, then he shall be called an animal. “But mankind did not know his conceit; so by bearing a resemblance, he become like animals without a heart,” said Saint David (Psalm 48÷20). This is the indication for many to walk bare naked and the adaptation for ill mannered life style.

If the value of conscience is Christianity while the expensiveness of livelihood is spoken of, then why is it evaluated by money? For those who encountered food scarcity, organizations providing food products were established. What do you think shall be done for those with no sense of conscience and others who sold it to which their corpse turned to grave? But I will tell you one thing, our LORD’s Holy word unlocks graves.

Come close; to which your graved heart shall be unlocked. “Graves were unlocked and many among the Saint corpse rose from the dead.”(Matthew 27÷52). Just as mankind differs in purpose, perception, ability of understanding and lifestyle, so does his capacity of enduring the problems and going on the right path during his dwelling in the corporeal and spiritual life.

People’s insight towards matters is diverse. Some seem to take challenges lightly while others obscure and exaggerate. The same as two people’s view or way of understanding on a similar incident varies, so does their way of resolving them.

For instance, if two people with similar economic states lose their job, one might be tolerable visioning to see what tomorrow brings, but the other could imagine him entering darkness. It takes many years of skill but not short term experience to bear mind stress.

At the reign of Elijah, the sky slouched and earth desolated for 3 and a half years (1 Kings. 17÷1). On another occasion, rather than raining water, Fire and acid rained. (Genesis. 19÷24, 2, 21÷12) During the reign of King Hezekiah, on Kishon filed, one hundred eighty five thousand corpses were found on one night (Isaiah 47÷46) and twenty three thousand people corpse among those who were on Moab filed were found (1 Corinthians 10÷8) because mankind broke down the frontiers.

Today, who do you think is responsible for earth to be filled with agony, for the world to be assail with abrasion and scarce of blessing? May be we have thought of an answer in our mind, but the good and evil deed is the end result of ours. The slaves of Pharaoh never said the blight on Egypt is the result of their sins but instead blamed it on Moses (Exodus 10÷7).

Even today the cause for the contaminated air in this generation, the industrially developed countries pressuring the developing countries into war, powerful governors monopolizing the undeveloped countries is habitual. (We don’t recognize the reason for their evil deed is our weakness). For those accepting what has surfaced as a prophecy, for all the stirring our sins and guiltiness, it said that all shall be punished by the law. (Daniel 9 ÷16-17)

If we look at this on the other side, the desert is the devil’s nest. (Matthew 12÷47). All through fasting and praying, demons exorcised from humans set out to the wilderness, but since they have no lodging, they return back to where they came from. Surely, even now they transfer from the desert to an empty house; suitable and comfortable for them to lay.

Only giving forth to the corporeal outgrowth since they forgot the spiritual vitality, devils lay their nest. With his own will, though mankind abandon his life and disappear, GOD came to mankind who was punished up to death penalty.

Jesus sat along the way; tired; to hearten human’s deeds. But today, devoid of his tiresome, GOD who created the visible and invisible world came to earth for salvation of Adam, so tiresome and illness became his possessions not suitable for his existence.

As spoken about the almighty GOD, “Jesus got tired and he sat next to a tunnel,” (Jonathon 4÷2) it’s Our LORD who became angel’s power in serving him day and night without any respite. (Jonathon’s Vision 4÷8), but today he got tired; with all that being the reason for human’s salvation. Even, it was noon and hot; a time pressuring all creatures to get propel in search of a corner. (Hezekiah 18÷32)

Prophet Jeremiah stated (at 6÷16) within faith, Christian finds respite. “Standing in the way referred to ask for the old paths, where it is the good way that you moved through, roaming for your soul and ye shall find rest”. Since the real respite is from GOD, through immanency, we get everlasting amnesty. Besides, we don’t get fade up doing every work because our GOD whom we worship, grant us amnesty and so it does not mean to stop our work entirely; but it’s to refrain from weakness and perform spiritual and social good deed with respite.

GOD made mankind live by his law and liturgy beginning from his creation. Demeanor his subsisting, permitting him to govern all other creatures and consigning him in heaven, then granting him authority is the truth. Thus, when we say GOD’s law, its base is with his will, given by him and divine ordained. In the book of Enoch 19÷22, it is affirmed that mankind should live like angles through religion and worshiping GOD. At Psalm 1÷2, “He who only follows GOD, abide by his law day and night, he shall be like a tree surrounded by water, providing fruit without its leaves falling down; and so all his deeds shall be received.”

Be aware! Your life is like Nabate’s bequest which you fight for till death. Don’t be afraid even if your life is like a wilderness, placed on the opposite side; don’t forget! GOD is also the creator of the desert too, whom for forty years he fed his people Manna from the cloud and spawn water from the rock, (Psalm, 77÷20-40). You shall consume Manna and water, known to be GOD’s word and live a verdant life. Anticipate the life of Father George of Gasicha’s life and Saint Yared’s compassion in your heart; they became everlasting hoards which no generation can finish.

Source: Amharic text by Deacon Yosef Bekele at/ www.mahiberekidusan.com/amharicwebsite/