The Edifice of Saint Mary’s Church

June 25, 2021

The first Church of Saint Virgin Mary was built in Caledonia of Caesarea by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with three stones without wood, mud and water.

After the Apostles Paul and Barnabas preached the Gentiles and persuaded many in becoming one in Christ, they commanded prayer and on the Sabbath as there was no church where they could receive the Eucharist.

At the end of the Sabbath, our Lord appeared to the apostles and gathered them all throughout the land, including Philip, and blessed them. Then, He said unto them, “This is the day when I allow churches to be built in the four corners of the world in the name of My mother Mary.” And he took the three stones, and put them in the midst of the staves: He measured the height by 24, width by 12 cubits and gave it to the Holy Apostles.

Holy Apostles built the church with their own hands. After taking them out to the east of the city, our Lord determined the location and foundation of the church and prepared its treasures, its garments, and its altar. Then our Lord laid his hands on Peter’s head, and appointed him archbishop in the four corners of the earth. At that time, angels and the humans spoke three times uttering, “To the chief Apostle Peter, he should be the head of the bishops from one extreme to the other!” he deserves it, he deserves it! he deserves it!

Then, Blue bread and blue cup descended on the church; Our Lord who descended from Kingdom of heaven with His Mother, ordained Saint Virgin Mary, as the Ark of the Covenant, the Apostles ordained as His High Priest and then provide the Apostles Holy Communion (Eucharist) and said to them: “Command all the people to impede labor work on this day.” After our Lord spoke these words, He ascended to heaven in great glory.

Then, the Holy Apostles began to build churches throughout the world in the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The height of the first church building is a symbol of the 24 prophets and the 24 Priest of heaven and the width is a symbol of the 12 apostles. The three stones represent the trinity, three in the bottom, and one in the top, indicating the trinity and unity of the Trinity. They are divided into three parts, the first being the ark of Adam, the second the ark of Moses, and the third the ark of Lord Jesus Christ. Again, it is a symbol of the three worlds: the first of the celestial, the second of the Ior, and the third of the universe. The building of the church was built at the 19th years of our Lord’s ascension and at the 4th year of our Lady Saint Mary’s ascension.

May we be blessed by this Holiday; Amen!