The Conception of Saint Mary

August 12, 2022

On the blessed day of August 7 (E.C) God sent the great angel Gabriel, and he spoke to Joachim the righteous man, saying, “Behold, thy wife Hannah shall conceive, and she shall bear thee a daughter, and in her shall be joy and salvation for all the world”; which actually took place through Mary, the bearer of God in the flesh.

This righteous man Joachim, and his wife Hannah, were very old in days, and they had no child, for Hannah was barren. They were exceedingly sorrowful because of this, for the children of Israel used to thrust aside him that had not begotten a son, and would say to him, “O you who lack the blessing of God.”  Because of this the hearts of this righteous man and his wife were sad. They fasted, prayed and entreated God frequently by day and by night for a child; they had reached old age and had become old.  they begged and entreated God frequently and vowed a vow to Him that if they got a child they would make him a ministrant in the Temple of God.

Joachim was in the sanctuary praying frequently and making supplication; behold! slumber descended upon him and he slept. Saint Gabriel, the angel of God then appeared and told him that Hannah his wife would certainly conceive, bear a daughter wherein he would rejoice, and because of whom his eyes would sparkle. Likewise, all the world would rejoice, be glad and would be saved through her.  When he woke from his dream he came to his house, and told his wife the vision which he had seen during sleep. She conceived forthwith, and brought forth our holy Lady, the Virgin Mary, the God-bearer, salvation all the world.

Salutation to your spiritual conception, O Saint Mary!

Source: The Ethiopian Synaxarium page 688