“If probable for thy, live in peace with all”, (Rom.12:18)

By Hiwot Salelew

Social life is living in harmony, lenience and sustenance; in church sermon it is explained to care, help, and support one another. As Beatitude and Holy Archbishop Matthias said, “Social life is the base for peace, love, unity, caresome, reverence, sustenance; being fence for eternal conflict and having big contribution in creating green surrounding and developed country.” This is being responsible and keeping our promise. Holy fathers handing over our country, church, history, marvel; liturgy is for their love, obligement and pledge, being the visionary and forethought as well. Inheriting this pledge, Christians have this responsibility to conduct church liturgy to live in harmony.

Racism, the addiction to fornication; detesting conciliation, peace and love, divorcing and abandoning families, not living through Christian liturgy and being heresies is not the conduct of spiritual being In holy bible at Rom.12:18 witnessed as “If probable for thy, live in peace with all”, Christianity is love. We should live without any bias and disrespecting all or creating problem or apt to a scam, which is the base for Christianity.

Societal expedition could be for a blessing if it is based on faith and truth; obliging us to do our work with diligence, politeness and faithfulness. If our marriage is vowed with GOD’s will, build a good family, visit those who are sick and needy, feed the hungry, provide commemorative banquet for the deceased, organize meetings in union to eradicate our problems, praise Saints, Righteousness, Martyrs, celebrate holidays at Buhe (Debre Tabor) and Demera in unanimity, we will strengthen our social life. Apostles Saint Paul explained its benefit as, “Rejoice with him that is happy and weep with him that weeps.”(Rom. 12:15)

In the New Testament, laities who believed after the apostle’s gospel use to live in harmony with one spirit and contemplation. They even saved their money in amass but not sole. They sell all their belongings and gather their money placing it in front of apostles, “All who believed lived with one heart and soul; all their assets was in common”, but no one said, ‘this was my money’.(Apos.4:32)

Social life is for deed of righteousness, holiness, blessings and eternal life. Making up excuses for our laziness could mislay God’s grace and blessings; we couldn’t live peaceful life. It pressures us to live everyday with speculation, anxiety and dearth; so we ought to find our ipseity. At 1 Timothy 6:20, it says “keep your promise” which is not forgetting ones identity, responsibility and pledge, showing our liability to help others and hence, we could learn and live through it.

People who don’t understand the honor of Christianity are lost, recoiling from church and repentance life. He who understands his honor resents his corporeal and valuing his soul. Above all, he put his Christian life first and relents to God. But, most are lost these days; forgetting their identity. For this, there are prisoners of demon, for their temptation of their corporeal needs. They are doing devious and dispeakable things, not even done among heathen.  Thus, we need to search our soul.

Today, many people do shameful things sole or in mass; Chewing chat, smoking cigarette, addicted to fornication and making earnings out of it, getting through divorce in courts, being addicted to other various addiction and becoming a drank, carrying the name ‘Christian’, but whom are not.

All of us have to work in unity to eradicate these problems. We are Christians who have heard about and learned God’s word in several ways, even for the assistance of those in need. However, by valuing our corporeal and making up different excuses, forgetting our responsibility, God’s and Holy Church’s indulgence, many are unable to keep their promise. As this is out of the context of social life, we have to keep our pledge and responsibility.

Source: Amharic text by Lemeasa Guteta at/ www.mahiberekidusan.com/amharic website/