Youth hood and its enticement

By Hiwot Salelew

Holy church acquaints about Youth hood from age twenty to forty. Human nature is about the four corporeal traits known to be wind, fire, water and soil; along with our soul reflected through mankind. Whilst mankind dies, these four traits are placed as its existences resulting our body to decay and decompose. At the resurrection, all four traits in the councils will rise up in congruence with our soul. We call the traits mystique being the astonishing matter; him posing the eminent above and the trivial at the bottom.

Our LORD created the traits to subsist along with each other, so that the eminent will safeguard them from above. It is unfortunate if the trivial were at the top, they would have been at the ridge; and if the eminent were at the bottom, they would have become the subordinates. Enduring is the exemplary of the four traits intolerance and by acknowledging those living above us will help live in forbearance. The base and solidity of earth is wind.

The acme of our corporeal is a representation of earth on water, a depiction of our blood. Given that our body persists on our blood and so the existences of water is wind. If the water doesn’t have clean air, it gets polluted. Alike the expression states “Heavy wind at the crest as the breath in our mouth”, mankind breathes throughout his life. His natural heat is the evident for the existences of fire traits.

The age from twenty to forty reflects fire traits known to be the era of fire or hearth and so man is said to be young. At our youth hood, if we couldn’t do well and be great, it is most likely to lose not only our honor but also every liability. When we are like Esau, the younger brother like Jacob takes away our primogeniture, leaving us to be his lumber; and we won’t have the right to punish and reprove our youngest. As it’s unpleasant for illiterates to reprove adults while you are illicit, youngsters attempting to punish and advise them, everyone will disapprove you. Since (at Matthew 7÷5), we are told, “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; Then, you will see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye”. On months and years where we nurture from child to youngster; like our body and mind matures, so does the wish within intensifying in kind and size. This youth’s aspiration will be in due course of opposing spirituality. A propos to the wish rising within adults, Saint Paul in his message (at 2 Timothy 2÷22) alerted us, “Be aware of dreadful inclinations about adult hood.” Surely a wish embraced on the younger age is very bad; youth hood is a time for hard work but not for inclining appalling thoughts.

Youths and their enticement

Apostle Saint Jacob in his message taught us (at 1114), “Mankind is tempted and inveigled in his own wish;” if a wish at the young age exceeds its limit, it lures, compels and misleads a failure.

Mankind is enticed in many ways while lacking self esteem and his immaturity of mind. Youth hood is consumed especially by our aspiration. Youngsters are tempted by many ways including fornication and fond of lavishness. In addition, though there are different temptations, these mainly pave the way to sin.


  • Self Restraint

Self Restraint is abiding our will of corporeal to our soul, preserved by GOD’s law; self consciously start living with what we are taught, confiscating bad habit, live through the rule and abiding GOD entirely.

Saint David (Psalm 2÷1) informed us to abide GOD with fear and quiver; and so acknowledging an everlasting happiness within worshiping, we will be able to live distinctively. In consequence, Saint Paul told his spiritual son Timothy (1 Timothy 3÷5), “alike he who can’t manage his home is unable to abide GOD’s law; it is possible to manage others by self restraining, maneuvering and controlling ourselves.”

Recognizing Noah (Genesis 6÷1), he embraced salvation with his family through Self Restraint.  He built the ship to preside over the animals and birds to alert so as to revile others. Having self restraint does not mean only for attending Church, getting married, starting work, succeeding with what we entirely desire.  However, Self Restraining is; not judging when possible, taking action when we could; just like Joseph (Genesis, 39÷1) said, “after instigating, it is to abscond and whether it’s accurate or not, self containing ourselves with everything; generally the ability from absconding from every trait of corporeal is said to be Self Restraining.

  • Self Awareness

We are said to be self aware with the perception and attitude about our identity, distinguishing and unitizing us from others while living for a purpose in life. It means, we know the strength and weakness of humanity; probably endow acquiescent impact in corporeal and spiritual life to achieve knowledge in meeting our endeavors. Moses (Exodus 4÷10) said, “My LORD my mouth is an evil Conan with indistinct tongue”.

But Moses didn’t notice his strengthen within. A self aware person takes responsibility for others more than himself without seeking care. If it is said that there is downhill whilst bravery epoch, he knows it will hurt him, and won’t put his life up to risk. Saint Peter in his message said, (2 Peter 1÷5-6) “Append kindness to your faith, knowledge to your kindness, self awareness to your knowledge, perseverance with your  self awareness and perseverance leading to pursue  GOD.” Accordingly, we take responsibility for our life.

An individual with self awareness respects humanity, understands the reason for his existence, defend his humanity and self consciousness living in contend, properly informs what he knows, inquires what he doesn’t know and accepts his weakness positively, doesn’t change his identity in situates and occasions, nor change his identity. Since the base for his existence of human race is astounded, he is a strong fence. He is aware of gossip, often frankly converses, takes responsibility for his failure, doesn’t blame others, neither surrender easily for failure and is aware of his ending. From the experience of his past youth life, by understanding his current situation, he is prepared for his corporeal and spiritual life. Aiding him understand his current identity which is base for his eternal life, helping him be diligent in his spiritual life. Self aware youngster will reimburses the pertinent sacrifice for his spiritual life. Youngsters who are not self restrained and lack self awareness won’t help others.  Hence, at the youth hood, we are expected to execute deeds leading us more towards closer to GOD but not apart from him. We ought to save others as much as ourselves and fulfills our Christian duty.

Praise the Lord

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