Quskuam Mariam

November 14, 2022

Every year on November 15 (Hidar 6), the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church commemorates the return of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with His Mother Saint Mary, Joseph and Salome from their exodus to Egypt where to their home land Israel, following the period of three years and six months where they rest in Mount Qusquam. This was according to the order that the angel of God to Joseph informing him about the death of King Herold.

On this blessed day also our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ and His disciples were gathered together on Mount Quskuam, and He consecrated His Tabernacle and Church. He performed the consecration of the Offering with His disciples on that day. This was the first consecration [of the Offering] on Mount Queskuam, according to what Saint Theophilus and Saint Cyril, Archbishop of the city of Alexandria, testify concerning this matter.

May Lord Jesus Christ s’ mercy and the intercession of Holy Mother Saint Mary be with us!

Source: The Ethiopian Synaxarium pages 122