“I am chief soldier of God” (Joshua 5:13)

The world of heavens, full of magnificence and harmony, melodically praise of the Almighty God, is the city of Angels who live for the honor of the Creator, and gratification of His glory. There, the infinite existence of Angels, within categorical tribe abode of Angles with their leader. Above all the Archangels, the powerful, highest and merciful one, Saint Michael appointment day Hidar 12, is the honored feast.

His name signifying “who is like God”, Archangel Michael is the leader of all the angels in the heavens and dearly merciful as he pleads for human salvation.  Holy Bible has in scripted his words affirming the honor he received from God as he told Joshua the prophet saying, “I am chief solider of God.” (Joshua 5:13)

Archangel Michael intercedes for ordinary people and guides with his support the saints and martyrs. He strengthened them and enabled them to endure patiently until they finished their strife. Feast of commemoration are held and alms offered in his name on the twelfth day of each month.

An example of one of his wonders: A God-fearing man whose name was Dorotheus and his wife Theopista, held a festival of commemoration for the honored angel Michael on the twelfth day of each month. It happened that this righteous family fell on hard times and had nothing to celebrate with for the commemoration of the honored Michael. They took their clothes to sell so that they might have a feast. Michael the Archangel appeared to Dorotheus and commanded him not to sell his clothes, but to go to a sheep-master and to take from him a sheep worth one-third of a dinar.

He was also to go to a fisherman and to take from him a fish worth one-third of a dinar but Dorotheus was not to slit open the fish until he came back to him. Finally, he was to go to a flour merchant and to take from him as much flour as he needed.

Dorotheus did as the Angel commanded him. He invited the people, as was his custom, to the feast honoring the Archangel Michael. When he went into his storeroom looking for wine for the offering, he found that all the containers had been filled with wine and many other good things. He marvelled and was astonished.

After they had finished the celebration and all the people had departed, the Archangel appeared to Dorotheus as before and commanded him to cut open the belly of the fish. He found 300 dinars of gold and three coins each is a third of a dinar. He told him these three coins were for the sheep, the fish and the flour, and the 300 dinars were for him and his children. God had remembered them and their oblations and had rewarded them here, in this world and in the kingdom of heaven on the last day. As Dorotheus and his wife were astonished at this matter, the Archangel Michael said to them, “I am Michael the Archangel who delivered you from all your tribulations and I have taken your oblations and alms up to God, you shall lack no good thing whatsoever in this world.” They prostrated themselves before him and he disappeared and went up into heaven. This was one of the innumerable miracles of this honored Angel.

May Archangel Saint Michael’s intercession be with us and Glory be to our God, forever, Amen.

Source: Ethiopian Synaxarium Hidar 12