April 4, 2023

Dear Children of God! How are you? How is school? Are you studying well?  We hope you are doing your best and acquiring all the necessary knowledge! It is always important to know the significance (use) of school especially Church’s education.

Dear Children of God! this is the main reason we have been consequently teaching you about Christians Doctrines that we usually learn at Church. It is the one of the major knowledge which helps us to live in Christian life and be good children of God.

Children, do you remember our previous lessons about Christian Livings? If so, good! But if you have forgotten, it is important to read about it again so that you could be reminded and also learn it by heart. May we remind you that we have seen about the meaning of Christianity, Christian doctrines and Christian conducts which are good deed and faithfulness. For today we will teach you about another Christian conduct which is forgiveness.

Do you know what forgiveness means children? If so, it is good. Because it is one of the deed that has saved all the human race. God forgave Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit and were sent out of heaven. They were living in misery for many years asking their Lord for forgiveness. Adam cried so hard that God felt sad and promised to save him by becoming human through our Holy Mother Saint Mary after human being lived in darkness for 5500 years.

Dear children, if God had not forgiven Adam and Eve, we all would have lived in hell forever. This is so miserable and saddening in the history of mankind. But our Lord is so forgiving that He became human, suffered and died for us.  His showed His mercy and love upon the cross through His crusifixation.

Do you see God’s mercy and forgiveness? So Children! as He forgave His first creation Adam and humans, we shall also forgive others if they have done bad things to us. For example, if your friends lie to you, steal your pencil, pen, exercise book or your toys, say bad things about you with other students, but then ask your forgiveness by apologizing and returning you things, it is good to accept their apology and forgive them.

Let us give you another example about forgiveness that we find in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis (37, 39, 40, 49), we find the story of Joseph who was a good child with good manner. His father Jacob loved him dearly. So, his brothers were jealous of him. Then they sold him to slavery. But all those times, God was with him through the hardships. When Joseph was in Egypt he encountered many problems. God not only saved him but appointed him to lead the country.

After many years, his brothers came to Egypt in search for wheat because in their country Jerusalem, there was poverty. Then, Joseph knew his brothers but without letting them know about his identity, he gave them all the wheat they needed so that they could send it to his fathers for him as well. you see how good and forgiving joseph is children? Later on, he told them about himself and even say he forgive them. (Genesis 45:5)   After this, Joseph’s father Jacob came to Egypt where the entire family united and lived happily.

Dear Children of God, joseph’s story teaches us to forgive others even if they hurt us and take valuing things from our lives. He was beaten, sold and separated from his father he loved dearly by his brothers but he forgave them leaving everything behind. So we shall be good, loving and forgiving child as Joseph.

Farewell children, we hope you understood and loved today’s lesson. You can ask your parents to read the whole story for you in the bible.

May God have mercy on us, Amen!