Fasting, Prayer & Repentance: Keys to Approach the Holy God, Abune Mathias

February 20, 2017
By Kassa Nigus 


His Holiness  Patriarch Abune Mathias has made an address regarding the Fast of Great Lent, locally known as Abiy Tsom/Hudade, which will begin on Monday Yekatit 13,  2009 E.C.( February 20, 2017). 
Abune Mathias addressing extensively about the worth of fasting, prayer and repentance quoting on (Ps.34:5, Math, 17:14 -21, Joel 2:12 – 18, Isa. 58: 6-8).  
Based on the verse of Psalm 34:5,  H.H shows the relationship of man and God,  equal to the basic necessity of earthly life that emanated from carnal nature of man, man has great desire to have a relationship with His Creator through his spiritual nature that begotten from God.  On the other hand, more than man needs to approach His Creator; God wants man to be His abode. These mutual attractions of love recognized both by natural Law and Holy Bible. 
Though there are many sinful practices that separates man from God, fasting is one of the main ingredients draws man to his God.  In addition to fasting, prayer and repentance are the key spiritual element to narrow the gap that arises between God and man. 
H.H highlighted on the meaning of fasting saying, the purpose of fasting is to create an obedient and broken heart that worships God through repentance and prayer. Christians shall discipline your body and keep it under the control of their soul. It is also necessary to fast through removing the quarrel with pardon; ensuring peace through true friendship and self-control; avoiding materialism; defeats the evil desires arose through the pressure of wicked spirits, and prepare ourselves to the Holy Communion. 
At the end of His message, H.H urged all Christians saying, as the main purpose of fasting is to obey God’s Command, we shall utilize the earth that God gifted us to take care of it. Accordingly, we shall work hard and beautify our country so as to make it easy to life.  As work is one of the means to prevent ourselves from sin Christians shall spend the fast through hard work and helping others in need.  
Let us prepare ourselves to cleanse our flesh & soul!