Covenant of Mercy

February 21, 2022

Beloved Children of God, Greetings to you and gratitude to Almighty God!

Dear Children, how are you? We hope you are well and good!

Today we are going to teach about the Covenant of Mercy who is our Holy Mother Saint Mary.

Dear Children, first let us teach you what covenant means. The meaning of the word is or vow or promise. God has made a covenant with His Holy Mother Saint Mary and beloved Children like our fore fathers Adam, Abraham, Jacob, and many other righteous father’s mothers and Saint Martyrs.  Thus, with the covenant he made with them, they help humans (people) to go to heaven (reach Kingdom of heaven). But foremost, the covenant of our Holy Mother Saint Mary is above all since she he is the Mother of God pure as no other creature could ever be. Thus, with the vow she was given, when people with good will feed the poor when they hunger and thirst, cloth and nurture them in need, she will intercede (plead or beg for Mercy) for us before God.  The day of which she was given the covenant or vowed is February 23 and it is celebrated in the all incarnation Orthodox Church.

Dear Children, we hope by now you have understood what covenant means.  Now let us tell you one story about. Once there was a good man called Simon. He use to share everything he has with other and feed poor people in the name of Saint Mary for so many years. But then one day, the Devil Satan was jealous and brought all kinds of obstacles to fail him. So he did.  After this, the man became bad and did all kinds of bad things to other people. Soon, He turned to a wicked man and God’s grace was apart from him.

Dear Children, if we became bad, we disappoint God and he will punish us! So, we have to be good all the time.  If we please or make God happy, he will bless us, make us clever and rich.

Now, let us get back to the story and tell you what happened to Simon. One day, while he was walking on the road, he saw a beggar pleading in the name of Saint Mary for water and food as he was thirsty and hungry.  When Simon heard the name of Saint Mary, he thought to himself, “I know this name before” and he poured a tip of water in to his mouth and walked along.

Then suddenly, Simon died and whilst his soul is separated from his body, Angle of Darkness came to take him to hell (place filled with fire) to punish him. But, Saint Mary said, “This soul is mine. He is going to heaven.”  So, they took his soul before God and Saint Mary said to her beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ, “you have promised me to save people who feed the poor in my name, and this soul has lived by feeding the poor before he became bad. Even at the end, he watered a thirsted man, so he shall go to heaven.” Then Lord Jesus spared (saved) the soul due to the covenant of mercy of Saint Mary and Simon went to heaven.

You see dear Children, a good deed always save us so we shall always do good for other people.

Ok, Children, it is enough lessons for today. We hope you have understood and remember what you have learned.

Till we meet next time, have a good week!

May Saint Mary’s prayer and intercession be with us!!!