Christians Living

February 2, 2023

Dear Children of God! How are you? How is school? Are you studying well and following you’re your teacher’s lesson? We hope you are doing well in your study! Children, it is very important to be good and brave students for a brighter future and happy ending.

Dear Children of God! If we acquire (get) knowledge, it is likely that we become wise, intelligent and brave having all the good answers for our every questions in our lives. We do not only have the right responds for all the tests that our teachers give us but also for every mystery (secret) of life. But this becomes true or possible when we follow the ten commandments doing all the good endeavors (work). We have to be good children of God and Christians. So, today we will teach you how to be Christians in Christians living. First let us see what it means to be Christian.


Dear Children, the bible teaches us that “a Christian is a person who is a believer in the religion of Christianity.” (King James biblical dictionary) This means that believing Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came to earth to be born from Holy mother virgin Saint Mary, that He migrated at the reign of Herod, was baptized in the hands of Saint John the Baptist, taught the gospel, healed many leprosies and lames, bare all the suffering and pain upon the cross and was crucified, but then rise at the third day on His resurrection and ascended to His father’s kingdom where He sat at the right side.
The path of Christianity is done through all these work of Lord Jesus Christ for us to follow Him at the road to heavenly kingdom. With this we understand the meaning Christian life.

Christians Living

Dear Children of God, we are the living creatures of God so we shall know what kind of life He wants us to live. As we mention above, all human beings shall be Christians in the name of Christ. Lord Jesus Christ showed us the path of true life by living it Himself. He has confirmed this through His holy words saying, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6)

Following the path to Christian life is first having faith and believe on the existences of God and His work. This is believing Our creator and all the creature in the world including all the animals are His work.

Then, it is living with the obedience of the ten commandments all throughout our lives. Christianity and Christian living is obeying the law and the liturgy of Holy Church because it is our Lord that established it.

After the Christian baptism at our days of 40 for men and 80 for women, we learn the law and rule of Christianity at our local churches so that we obey it. It means to pray, fast, bowing and diligent (hard work) every day.

Christian living is to worship God by prayer, parsing and with hymns (songs) at Church and everywhere. Then, with our good deed, Lord Jesus Christ lives among us leading us the way to the kingdom of heaven. He will be there at our prayers, fasts and give us His flesh and blood (Holy communion) so that we become one in Him. He helps us through hard times, keeping us save whilst surrounded by enemies, pulling us up when we fall and console (sympathize) us in pain and sorrow.
So dear children, we shall be good children of God and Christians through Christian living.

Farwell, we hope you have understood this week’s lesson and leave you to study about Christianity more with your parents at home.

May God guides us through our lives, amen!