Christian Doctrines

March 7, 2023

Dear Children of God! How are you? How are you doing at school? Are you studying well?  We hope you are studying hard and getting good grades! We have been reminding you about the importance of school and education so that you could understand the value of it.

Dear Children of God! in particular to Church education, it is very essential to start learning at early age beginning from childhood; Specially about the ten commandments, Church rules, doctrines and Christians livings. This is the major reason we taught you about God’s Law and Christians Livings previously. They are the guidelines of our spiritual life and we must live by the rules. Therefore, we shall see about the doctrines in Christian livings on this lesson.

 What are Christian Doctrines?

Children, do you remember our last lesson? It was about Christian living and we have seen what it means to be Christian! So now we will teach you about the doctrines.

The word doctrine means principle. In Christian living, doctrines of the gospel are the principles or truths taught by our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ and His 12 apostles.

These are generally categorized (grouped) as: –

  • the doctrines of Prayer
  • the doctrines of Fast
  • the doctrines of Offerings and Alms giving in worshiping God

Dear Children of God!  by now we hope you know what it means to pray and fast since we have been teaching you occasionally. But may we remind you that a prayer is to plead God for mercy, forgiveness and resolution for any kind of problems we face in our lives.

Fasting is abstaining (not eating) food and drink for a given period of time. For instance, we are in fasting occasion of “The Great Fast” that our Lord and Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days, but that we fast 55 days according to the doctrine of our patristic fathers.

Thus, now let us proceed to first worship of God. what does it mean to worship?

Worshiping is to praise God every day by our prayer and psalm (song). As Prophet David “Seven times a day I praise You, Because of Your righteous judgments,” (Psalm 119:164) we shall pray seven times a day. We shall praise our Lord through singing specially at Church on Holidays.

However, worshiping is not just this but lots more. All in the name of Christians, must have the will to present offering such as incense, myrrh and oil for the service of Church. This our way of showing God our Love for Him.

Another endeavor (deed, work) that makes our Lord Happy is alms giving to the poor and needy. This includes feeding and clothing them, as well as offering them money to cover their other expenses such shelter.

The foremost deed to be mentioned here is our goodness. It is a Christianity deed to be good to other people by helping them during their hardships. We shall fell sorry for the poor, elderly and sick people. We have to have a heart that sadness for those beggars without hands and legs to walk on. There are many limps and leprosies that need our support and hence let do what we can for them.

Dear Children of God! we hope you have understood our lesson and do not forget also to study about the Christians Living and Doctrines on other Holy Scriptures. Ask your parents to buy you the books about this lesson. They shall help you to read and explain as well. This way you can understands more so that you could live by the doctrines.

Farewell Children, we have finished for now and until we meet for next time, we wish you a good time!

May God be our guidance in our Christians living, Amen!