“Children are a gift from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3)

August 14, 2023

A gift bestowed from dearly beloved ones are most cherished. Foremost precious presents granted are by God for His unconditional love. What could ever be more valuable than His gift in life. He gave us His life, love, peace, hope and Kingdom. This inheritance we strive was done through the holy root of mankind Adam for he was told “I will be born from grandson and save you.” (Book of Clement)

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born from the holy tribe of our forefathers Noah, Abraham, Prophet David and crucified upon the cross for the salvation humans. But this work of God was done by His holy words told to Noah “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” (Genesis 9:1)

The family tribe of humans are the blessed natural order of God. His will for the multiple of His creatures is for a man and woman to have children. It is in scripted in the Holy Bible as “Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, and said, “I have acquired a man from the Lord”,” (Genesis 4:1).

 Archpriest Joseph F Purpura  in his homily said, “The Church teaches that God is the source and sustainer of life and that He created us as male and female with a purpose in mind. The Church views sexual relations between a husband and wife as something very sacred and good and, in fact, when it bears life, the Church views this action as participating in the very action of God’s Creation. The Scriptures say that God became man so that we might become one with Him. Here in this very action of sexual intercourse, when it bears fruit and a child is conceived we already have a foretaste of becoming one with God, by sharing in the creative life giving action of generating life. “For in sexual intercourse, it is not only the seeds of physical being that are united, but also a soul. A father and mother not only transmit their physical characteristics to the child, but they also transmit its soul. This sacred power man possesses of continuing God’s creation with Him is indeed a great wonder. Hence, to generate life is participation in the Divine Life.” (Moral and Ethical Issues: Confronting Orthodox Youth Across North America)

Henceforth, humans have been reproducing on earth in accord to God’s order. This work is done through Holy matrimonial at Holy Orthodox Incarnation Church. Our Patristic fathers teach us to be virginal and wed by the Sacrament of Matrimony for our marriage and children to be blessed. As Prophet David in his psalm said, “Children are a gift from the Lord,” the fruit of our marriage are the children we bore. (Psalm 127:3)

People have been getting married throughout generations where they could have a heir who recalls their name, obeys and supports them in time of aging. The good thought and wish of parents is for their children to be decent, intellectual and courageous. They attempt to do what is right by their ability. The nurture, teach and take care of them to raise an upright child.  Most might succeed in worldly life but nothing is to be done without the will of God. A child will be blessed if parents raise their offspring in Christian manner through Church Education so that God will be pleased with them.

Unfortunate though, people are defying the liturgy and only some get married by Sacrament of Matrimony and raise their children by the Law of God. Most desire to wed through the worldly mode and thus lead an earthly life influencing their children to be as same. People are drawn to worldliness in the globalization much, putting their descendants in absurdity. These sinful acts are driving the youths not only into wordy life but also in deviousness. For this we are considering children born in these days as cursed generation. It might be a matter of fact that parents are being the cause of curse upon their children. This truth has also led to an abortion of infants whom are or not conceived unlawful without marriage.

Our Holy Orthodox Church forbids abortion as it is taking the life of others that God created. It is the creature who shall take lives in to heaven or hell. Any act of killing is thus considered to be a sin let alone an infant who is not even been born.  “The Church opposes abortion, because abortion consciously stops the process of life already begun. Since God is the source of life, and once the woman’s egg is fertilized and if allowed to grow and develop in the woman’s womb, it will result in the birth of a child. Therefore, any intervention at any point once that process has begun (conception) results in the ending of life and a rejection of the wonderful gift of life and the ability to generate life given to us by God. Hence, it is not only a rejection of the gift of a new life, but rebellion against God’s creative energy and love.” said Archpriest Joseph.

The life that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bestowed is most precious fro He gave His life for it. Our Soul is lavish for it is the breath of God. This being one of the reason for His dear love and mercy. We are part of Him and so wills to live with us in harmony and love. He loves to safe guard and call upon us into His kingdom for we could have eternal life in Him. So no soul is ever invaluable in the eyes of the Lord. Be it an infant or child, youth or elderly or a man or a woman, all is equal before Him. He will not to lose any life of us and we have to be aware of His command in keeping it throughout our lives. Amongst is not taking the lives of others even of an infant. Specially mothers must acknowledge this truth and live by the rule of God to raise her child in Christian manner for her baby could inherit the Kingdom of Heaven with her.

May God’s mercy, the intercession of Saint Mary and Saint Angels and all righteous be with us, Amen!