Church Liturgy

Dear Children of God, Greetings to you and Glory to God!

Children! On our last lesson, we have learned about Prayer at Church. Today, we will learn about the Divine Liturgy! So, follow us attentively!


Greeting to you Children! How are you? Glory to God for His will and mercy for keeping us healthy and in peace till today!

Dear Children, today we are going to teach you about “Fasting” so, follow us attentively!

Prayer in Holy Church

Dear Children of God, Greetings to you! Glory to God as He kept as all in peace and unity till today!

Children! last time we have learned about the meaning of Prayer, Our Lord’s prayer and Saint Mary’s Prayer, Today, we will learn about Prayer in Church so follow us attentively!

Children shall pray every day!

Greetings to you Dear Children and gratitude to Almighty God!

Our lesson today is about prayer. So, follow us attentively! Ok, Good!…

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12)

Humans born as mortals, seek redemption since birth for they inherited debit from the first mankind Adam. Living on earth, obligatorily seize from sinning and obliging GOD’s commandment.