The Liturgy of Prayer

Part Two

November 10, 2023

Dear Children of God, how are you? How is life and school? How are you doing in your education? Are you studying well and getting good grades? How about house chores? Are you helping your families by obeying their house rule? Hope you have become an obedient child to your families and God more than anything.

Children, we hope you remember our last lesson about prayer because today we have presented to you the second part. We will see the seven times of prayer which are Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers/Compline/, Bed time and Midnight.

12th Hour – Prime

At the 12th hour, we pray first because it is the hour of creation of Adam. The first mankind was created by the image and likeness of Holy Trinity.  The second reason is about the guardian angels who watches us from any harm and evil for the salvation of our souls. It is the hour of which our guardian angels meet as it is the hour exchange shifts. The angel who watches over the night leave the place for the day watcher. The other reason is in the commemoration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who stood in front of Pilate for a trail.

3rd Hour- Terce

We pray at this hour because it is the time that our mother Eve was created. Second, it is the time of which our Holy Mother Saint Virgin Mary received the good news from Archangel Saint Gabriel, who announced to her to be the Mother of God and it is the hour that Our Lord Jesus Christ was whipped in the Pilate square. This is also the hour which Holy Spirit descended upon the Holy Apostles.

6th Hour – Sext

This hour is the commemoration of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffering and in Calvary. It is also the hour where the sun’s heat increases, the devils become strong and men weak and thus we shall pray to defeat our enemies.

9th Hour – None

We pray in this hour since it is the time of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the parting of His Holy soul from His Holy Body. The other reason is about the angels and our deeds. Be it bad or good deed, our guardian angels ascended our deed to the Lord.

11th Hour – Vespers

The Vespers (Sunset) is associated (related) with taking down Lord Jesus Christ’s body from the cross. After He died upon the Cross for us, they took Him down at this eleventh hour and was buried.

3rd Hour- Bed time

All of us shall pray before going to bed for sleep in thanking God for everything He gave us in our life. We thank Him for keeping us in peace, healthy and safe. In this hour, we must also pray asking God His protection from devils that comes at night whilst we are sleeping because they bring bad dreams and anxiety (distress, worry). We pray so that God could give us another day on earth for we could see another sun rise.

At this hour Lord Jesus taught the disciples about prayer in Gethsemane and thus we shall pray realizing the value of prayer.

The Midnight (6th ) Hour:

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born at this hour at Bethlehem. It is the hour of His Resurrection (rising from the death) and His second coming for Judgment.

Dear Children of God, it is very important to know these hours of prayers and pray to be protected from any harm and evil. Prayers help us get what we want and live in peace, love and happiness.

Farewell Children, we hope you have understood our lesson on prayer and pray hard. Good, we leave you with much love until we meet next time.

May God be with you, Amen!