Weeks of the Prophet’s Fast

The weeks before the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the prophets fast are called are called Sermon, Light, and Nolawi. The weeks before the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the prophets fast are called are called Sermon, Light, and Nolawi. They are the resemblance of the time when prophets pleaded in hope for the salvation of human beings and God’s mercy.

The Prophet’s Fast

The Prophet’s Fast is amongst the seven canonically recognized by the Ethiopian Orthodox Incarnation Church. The Fast begins on November 24 and ends on Eve of the Holiday. (Fetha Negest, Article 15, Number 565)

The Exodus of Saint Mary and Lord Jesus Christ

Blessed Virgin Mary, in the presence of the old man Joseph and her aunt Salome, fled to Egypt as well as Ethiopia during the apostasy era. Joseph, who had been commanded to protect her, was shocked to see that her appearance sometimes turned red like a rose, and at other times it turned white like a pomegranate. He was would her “Mary” to make sure she was. Explaining this mystery, Saint John Chrysostom said, “I did not know her in any way because she looked like a rose and a pomegranate.” Thus, the Church has reminded us of the time of the monthly prayer for the praise of our Lady in a flower. According to the teachings of our Holy Church, the period from October 6 to November 16 is called the month of Tsige (Tsige / Flower Month) for It’s a time which Flowers blossom in the moonlight and bear, the flower representing Saint Mary and the fruit, being the symbol of Lord Jesus. 


The thirteenth month of Ethiopian Liturgical Year (Church Calendar), ‘Pagume’ is the gift from God, with a time for repentance that the term derived from the Greek word ‘Epagumene’ referring to ‘extra.’..

Saint Mary

A Shining moon  

Sparkle of morn  

Sweet as honey

Life rosemary…

The Fast of the Assumption of Saint Mary

The Mother of God Saint Mary’s assumption on her 64th age is a remembrance of the fast the apostles for fifteen consecutive days beginning August 7 till 22 with passion and diligence. It commemorates their witnessing of Saint Mary’s departure.

Fast of Apostles

…Ensuing their diligence and their spiritual power, they commenced “Fast of Apostles” after the Feast of Pentecost by the commemoration of the Holy Spirit descending upon them.  The Apostles fast is the contemplation of “The glory of God, their faith, and hardships in which they overcame.”

Passion Week

Passion Week is the last week of Lent; Holy Church customized the Holy week for all the Christians whom shall be liberated from sin and for our redemption. Whilst, Laities at Church are expected to bow down pleading and in remembrance of all the agony that Our Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed for our salvation.


The story of Nicodemus edifies the value of Humility. He held a high position in the Jewish nation. He was highly educated, possessed talents and was honored member of the national council. Though rich, educated and honored, he had been especially attracted by the humble Nazarene, our Lord Jesus. He did not talk with Him about state affairs, though he was a ruler, but about the concerns of his own soul and its salvation.

A Good Servant

A Good Servant is referred to the sixth Sunday of the Great Lent mentioned in the parable of the three talents in Mathew’s Gospel. Our Lord Jesus Christ told the story to the disciples for He would to illustrate His teachings about the need to use talents and gifts faithfully.