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Holy: The Second Week of The Great Lent

The Divine Attributes of God are all holy and thus He told us, His creatures, “Be holy; for I am holy.”  (1 Peter 1:16) This is His Own Divine Wealth but not given to Him by any. Holy Scriptures have become witness for this. As He is holy in His attribute, He is praised like, “Holy Holy Holy.” (Joshua 6:1, 3, 40:25, Revelation 15:4, 1 Samuel 2:2-3).

The Consequences of “What if”!

Many are harmed by the concept of “What if” and doing something that is forbidden and condemned by God. For instance, some say “what if I do not fast,” defying the order of fasting and refuse to abstain from food and beverages consumption. There are others as well who decline to be blessed by the Holy Cross saying “what if I do not kiss the Cross.” The numbers of people who do not attend Church saying “what if I do no go to Church” are not few. Those miss out all of the prayers, praising, sanctification, and attendance of Divine Liturgy in Partaking the Eucharist (eating the Holy Flesh and drinking of The Holy Son) for soul salvation and eternal life.

The Great Lent

The fast that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ fasted is known to be “The Great Lent.” The salvation done for all human beings is through His marvelous wisdom. The Lord’s Covenant vowed for His First Mankind and his heir has been made through The Holy Son becoming man and wearing flesh of humans.

The Existence of God

Dear Children of God, how are you? How is life at home and your education at school? Are you doing well in your education and helping your parents by obeying and faithfully living by the Law of God? Good! Hope you have become good and obedient.

Children, the main reason we teach you about religion and the commandments of God, is for you to live through the rule and spiritual life to inherit God’s Kingdom. For this reason, we advise you to learn in church and also our lessons to know the word of God which are guide to our spiritual life. If you remember, we have presented it to you about our Holy Orthodox Incantation (Tewahedo) Religion consequently for the last two weeks. Our current lesson is also about the part of religion, which is “The Existence of God.”

“The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the Lord” (Proverb 21:31)

Men have encountered battle from the age of Torah. Israelis began war onwards the reign of Prophet Moses by the order of God. (Numbers 21, 31, 32) Battle amongst ancient people have not only ensued amongst Israelis and their enemies which we find in scripted in the Holy Bible, but also between the nations of world countries. On all the battle filed though, the triumph is God’s for He becomes the power of righteous. (1 Samuel 4:2, 18:17, 19:8, 25:28, 2 Samuel 3:1, 3:6)

My Dear Country!

You are my mother, the Holy

your words are sweet as honey

and you raised me by milky

blessing thee infancy

It is thru you

I devour bodily

I love you

My dear country!

The Three Days Fast

Due to their heinousness, onwards God’s warning to the Nineveh people from being entirely destroyed within three days, they fasted the Fast of Nineveh, the three days fast.

The Seven Covenants: The Covenant of Mercy

The Divine Wisdom of God for the salvation of the world is done through His tremendous mercy. The primordial covenants of the Old Testament were without the capability of redeeming mankind. The absolute covenant was done by the seventh covenant for the salvation of human race thru Holy Saint Virgin Mary.


Dear Children of God! how are you? How is life at home and school? Hope you are having pleasant time with your families and friends through obedience, faithfulness and good endeavors. We also hope you are doing good in your education and spiritual life.

Dear Children of God! last time we have thought you about our religion entitled “Orthodox Tewahedo/Incarnation/ Religion.” On this lesson, we will see further more about the meaning of religion.