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“Let the earth bring for the grass, the herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself.” (Genesis 1: 11-13)

It was deep wisdom of God that commanded the earth, when it rested after discharging the weigh to f the waters, first to bring forth grass, then wood as we see it doing still at this time. For the voice that was then heard and this command were as a natural and permanent law for it; it gave fertility and the power to produce fruit for all ages to come; “Let the earth bring forth.” The production of vegetables shows first germination. When the germs begin to sprout they form grass; this develops and becomes a plant, which in sensibly receives its different articulations, and reaches its maturity in the seed. Thus all things which sprout and are green are developed. “Let the earth bring forth green grass.” Let the earth bring forth by itself without having any need of help from without.

The Entrance of Saint Mary in the Temple

We commemorate the entrance of our Holy Mother Saint Mary into the Temple when she was three years old, for she was dedicated to God on Tahisas 3 (December 12).

“You shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15)

Dear Children of God! How are you? How is school and your study? We hope you are doing well and following you’re your teacher’s education! Children, as the first semester is coming to an end in few weeks, you shall ask what you have learned so far. it is very important to understand and learn by heart what you teachers taught you until now so that you can pass all your exams with very good grades and acquire knowledge for you success of future. Ok, Good!

Dear Children! This week’s lesson is about stealing which is amongst the ten commandment. God has commanded all human beings to keep this rule and live by it. He told Prophet Mosses on the Mount of Sinai included in the ten commandment “You shall not steal.” (Exodus 20:15) The Israeli people were commanded by the Prophet to be honest, not to touch anything of someone else’s belonging and not to take each other’s possessions (materials) so that there could be trust among them.

The Truth about Wind

God created the wind for everything was created with a reason. King David wrote in psalm “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.”(Psalm 19:1-2) Nature teaches us Gods work and His will. God created humans with the characteristics of the soul and body, in his image and in his likeness. (Genesis 1:26). The Body made of the four elements being body, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. In Genesis teachings this is descried widely. In this short article we will the winds nature in different aspects.

God created Fire to reveal His power

The creation of God “fire” is created on Sunday alongside the Heaven and Earth, the Angels, Water and Wind. There are some facts we must analyze about fire for God created it for reason. Prophet Mosses have said that God is consuming Fire stating “For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.” (Deuteronomy 4:24)

The Ark of the Covenant

Every year all in the name of the Orthodox Tewahedo religion celebrates the day of which the Ark of the Covenant came to Ethiopia and the feast of Holy Mother Saint Mary as Zion symbolizes Her on Hidar 21 (November 30). The entire Orthodox Church named in the name of Saint Mary celebrates the feast in the commemoration of The Ark of the Covenant (the Tablet) with respect to our Holy Mother as she is the temple of God and His law transferred in-scripted by His Holy hands on each of the two tablet that prophet Mosses received in the Mount of Sinai.

The Seven Archangels

Dear Children of God! How are you? How is school and your study? Hope you are doing well! Children, always remember to be active and attentive at your school because you need to understand the lesson that your teacher presents in the classroom. You must also have a good behavior, be obedient and respect your teachers as well as your elders.

Dear Children, alongside Holy Mother Saint Mary, the chosen children of God help us repent (cleanse) our sin. That is one of the reason we have prepared a lesson about the Seven Archangels who are Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, Saint Raguel, Saint Uriel, Saint Phanuel, and Saint Saquel.

The Fast of Prophets

Mankind was bestowed a hope of salvation as the prophet foretold prophecy about the mystery of “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” to be born from Holy Mother Saint Mary. Conferring the word of God, Christians fast “The Fast of Prophets.” This fast is amongst the seven fast and thus all in the name of Orthodox Tewahedo religion shall fast. This year’s fast begins at November 24, (Hidar 15) 2022 (2015 E.C) and lasts until January 6, (Tahisas 28), 2023 (2015). At January 7 (Tahisas 29), on the celebration of the Birth of Lord Jesus Christ, it is festival.

The Festival of Archangel Michael

Holy Church celebrates the feast of the honored Archangel Michael, the head of the hosts of heaven, who stands at all times before the great throne of God, interceding on behalf of the human race on November 21 (Hidar 12).

The Festival of the Four Quadrupeds

Christians celebrate the festival of the Four Quadrupeds on November 17, (Hidar 8) who have no bodies and which are the Wheels of God that bear His Divine Throne according to the testimony concerning them by Saint John the evangelist in his Vision.