The Temple full of Sellers and Chandler’s Chair

March 25, 2021

Holy Temple is built for sanctifying humans, for prayers and giving alms for he shall have   God’s mercy. As stated, “And the Lord said to him: “I have heard your prayer and your supplication that you have made before Me; I have consecrated this house which you have built to put My name there forever, and My eyes and My heart will be there perpetually.”  (1 Kings 9:3)

The atlas and the table had the oblation’s bannock; the gold censer, a covenant fully covered with gold, inside it, was a food-table carrying menna and Aaron’s stave.

How precious the temple that will be in the priest of the fields of the earth? A place for a prophet envisioned with God’s words for people’s survival,

Blessed are those who live in his place. It is the Advanced Cubans, which is allowed from the earth to the doorway. Jacob visited us in Revelation; “What is frightening about this place?” and surprised us. When the Priests came, he filled the gospel of God until the Priests were impatient. It is said; “So that the Priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord” (1 kings 8:11)

But that frightening glorious honor made him a shield of the gates of the Jewish priests not in glory. Finally, Nebuchadnezzar burned him, Naborzarden broken down, The Babylonians bow down to them, And they bore the altar, Jezebel altered it into a witch house, Ahab neglected to do the will of Jezebel; But when the time God arrived, God glorified it again through Elijah, Jeremiah.

Satan does not want God to exist on earth. Antiochus Zerubbabel came and burnt the Arc Priest Alazar, fought and killed the four hundred thousand Israelis, persuaded the rest, erected an Icon of a sun in Zerubbabel’s temple and offered pork as a sacrifice. But God is … for he aroused Maccabees and renewed the temple. (John 10:22)

During apostasy era of which Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ descended upon earth, some of Israelis Levies and those honored to be Aaron’s disciples, had not kept the Honor of the temple.

The Holy place which Prophet David wished but unable to ascertain, King Solomon consequent vision after Gibeon, Hanna’s comfort of her sorrow and Samuel’s selection for Priesthood, is razed by people with love of money striving to fill their will of corporeal.

They steal money from widow’s by false prayer,, change the golden bembs to the silver bran, sell the doves and hens, tie the bull and cow.

Judgment and corruption swelled in the temple that rather than the in the Palace. While in this situation, that Lord Jesus Christ descended who sanctifies the temple. He entered and saw the seat of cavs and downs, filled with sellers and Chandlers. No prayers; the sacrifice was worse, the priesthood indolent.

Before Nebuchadnezzar came, in the absence of Naborzarden, Jezebel un-risen, while Ahab was weak and before Antiochus rival army arose, the temple lost its glory in the hand of the Priests.

Who can happen reach up to the temple if, before the Gentile came, sons of Abraham, Isaac’s and Aaron’s Children, made it a market?

The temple is where the flesh and blood of Lord Jesus Christ is served, gospel is preached and place of our prayer. Hence, we must be careful not to enter the temple for our corporeal will. We shall esteem our humanity for it is the temple of God, forbid ourselves in sinning, eat the flesh and drink the blood of Lord Jesus Christ.