The Seven Archangels

November 24, 2022

Dear Children of God! How are you? How is school and your study? Hope you are doing well! Children, always remember to be active and attentive at your school because you need to understand the lesson that your teacher presents in the classroom. You must also have a behavior, be obedient and respect your teachers as well as your elders.

Dear Children! Do you remember our last lesson? If so, good. If not let us remind you. It was about lie which is a sin. We hope from that lesson you have understood that you shall always tell the truth and never lie even once in your life time; and if you have lied, it better to ask forgiveness from God and to the person you have lied too. You can plead God to bring mercy upon you for your sin. You can also plead through the intercession (pleading, begging) of Saint Mary, Angels, Apostles, Saints, Righteous, Martyrs and Monks.

Dear Children, alongside Holy Mother Saint Mary, these chosen children of God, help us repent (cleanse) our sin. That is one of the reason we have prepared a lesson about the Seven Archangels who are Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, Saint Raguel, Saint Uriel, Saint Phanuel, and Saint Saquel.

Archangel Saint Michael

Children, amongst the Seven Archangels, Saint Michael is their leader. The meaning of his name is  “Who is like God.” He serves His Lord by praising and aids people during their difficulties. There are many people who were protected, saved from hardships and evil. His monthly feast is celebrated on the 12th day and there are two annual feast which are celebrated on Hidar 12    (November 21) and Sene 12 (June 19)

Archangel Saint Gabriel

Gabriel means “Man and God.” At the beginning of the creation of the world, He is the one who helped other angels to remain in faith whilst Satan betrayed God. He has different names according to His service. The first one is known for bringing Good News, just as He foretold and announced the conception of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Saint Mary and announced Priest Zechariah the birth of John the Baptist.

Dear Children, Saint Gabriel sympathized those in misery, pleases and bestows wisdom. This Angel is the one who saved the three Children Ananias, Azarias and Misael from burning fire. He is also the one who saved Saint Saint Quiricus (Kḗrykos) and his mother Julitta from a boiled water. These day are commemorated annually on Tashisas 19 (December 28) and Hamele (July 16). But he has also monthly feast celebrated on the 19th day.

Archangel Saint Raphael

He is at the third level and is appointed on serving for peace and Health. Children! Saint Raphael helps mothers during their labor (when they give birth). When our mothers were in pain, they prayed and plead this Angel and he helps them give birth.  On the Holy bible, The Book of Tobit, Saint Raphael has unblended Tobit. This happened on the Pagumen 3 which is his annual feasts. His monthly feast is commemorated on the 13th day.

Archangel Saint Raguel

Raguel means “God is Powerful.” This angel hunts and punishes Satan. He is appointed on Lights (Sun, Moon and Stars) which he controls them. His monthly feast is commemorated on the 1st day and annually on Mesekerem 1 (September 11).

Archangel Saint Uriel

Uriel means “The Light of the Sun.”  Dear Children, Saint Uriel is the one the waters the cup of life and bestows (gives) wisdom. He is send by God to the Saints to water them the cup of life. It is written in the Holy Bible that he watered Prophet Ezra.

Dear Children, after Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified upon the cross, Saint Uriel poured His Holy Blood all over the world. Earth is blessed because of this reason. This Angel has also led Holy Mother Saint Mary with Her baby Jesus to our country during their migration for the salvation of humans. His monthly feast is on the 22nd and annually is celebrated on Tir 22. (January 30)

Archangel Saint Phanuel

Phanuel means “the guardian of Righteous.”  This Angel is the one who served Holy Mother Saint Mary Heavenly food and drink when she entered Temple on Tahisas 3 (December 12) He also serves Heavenly food and drink Monks on monasteries who live solo (alone). He fed Prophet Elias. Saint Uriel monthly feasts commemorated celebrated on the third day and his annual feast is on Tahisas 3.

 Archangel Saint Saquel

The meaning of Saquel is “Holy, Close to God.”  This Angel is appointed on Clouds, seas and Oceans. He safeguards people from their flood of seas and oceans that might pass their dumb. His monthly feast is commemorated on the eight day of the month.  Saint Squel’s annual feast is celebrated on Hamele 5 (July 12).

Dear Children of God! This Angles are the leaders but there are hundred thousand and more angels who live in Heaven. They praise God every time and send to protect and safe us from harm and bring our prayer before God.  There is feast is celebrated annual on Hidar 13 (November 22).

Dear Children, angels are not like people. They don’t starve, eat or drink, get tired or sleep. They always praise God. With the vow given to them, they plead for us. So, we shall also praise God like the angels and do good for other people. Thus, we will be honored but if we do bad deeds, we shall not receive honor from the Lord. It is always necessary to remember that God is pleased when we only praise Him and be good. Ok children!

Farwell, we have finished our lesson for now but we will meet you next time. We hope you know all “The Seven Archangels” so that you cloud beg for all the good things in life through them.

May God bestow us good life, Amen!