The Rose Among Thorns

It is as if a beauty is measured by her, for I was marveled. She is the ornament of the earth that many are amazed by. They are astonished up to the limit of remaining without words to express her gorgeousness. Most crave to be nearby rose, amazed by the absolute nature and inner part of her, seeking to be close to, touch, ruin or pluck her. The sweet aroma and bright color summoning them from afar, they wish to pick. Whilst they are unable to, surround her sphere alike a torn. But could not get to her. She is fenced by sturdy wall and impregnable fence.

How astounding is to be like the bud flower which bloomed? She amazes the spectators in her own time, ripening and blooming to bestow beauty, attract and ether sweet aroma; yet no one knows the miserable time she had gone through! Why is it that the thorn became hurdles for her not to blossom in her prime to fortify sweet fruit in her blooming and rest in peace?  Is it out of the desire to admire her beauty? Or else envy? Or to pluck her? Who knows their thought? But I wish to know the mystery of her beauty. Admired her strength and amazed by her patience. I decided to taste her sweetness to know her. The Rose Among Thorns seemed like the true Christian to me.

Rose mourned seeing Her Lord’s crucifixion upon the cross in Calvary, for the unconditional love dragging Him to this world, though is immortal, was crucified to death, cried witnessing His severe suffering; believed the redemption of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ realizing the endowment of His Life instead of ours. I have observed The Rose Among Thorns resembling the true Christian who lives in mystery.  Bear all this, lives in humility and praise of The Lord, Who is Whole ubiquitously and Glorified for eternity. Bending her neck and bowing her head, she lives in prostration to Him.        

She cries and be pensive knowing The Lord lowered His Attribute, descended from the heavens, crawled like a baby; walked like a human; obeyed His Holy Mother like a child; shared food even with gentiles; and when time came, bear all the suffering and gave us life. Still, no one knows her inside since her face is always blooming.

I am reminded about the Christian living in torment for the Lord’s love by The Rose Among Thorns, who is surrounded by those jealousies and envious. I have become aware of the beautification of the rose flower, who, realizing the depth of His love, lives washed by her tears, hiding her pain but blooming every day in beauty. This mystic beauty is derived from her true nature created beautifully and in comeliness.

The Rose Among Thorns, even if she is in misery, always do not seize to offer love. She serves all equally around her sphere with humility. Though they might have bad or good thoughts, she gets close to them without fear and shares her peace, goodness and comeliness, as her Lord has taught her, for He has planted her on good and well-watered filed, preparing food and water in feeding her. Thus, she lives in serve of Him.

It is only the Lord who knows The Rose Among Thorns, in her budding time, devoid of being deceived by her beauty, and filled with pride, lives in contempt of worldly things, diligently serving Him. Instead of her own benefits, she chose His love, avoiding all those who offer to present bogus appraisal for a comfortable life inquest plucking out of the thorn. She triumphs deciding to live thru the predicaments. She invites them with her beauty, sweet aroma, humility and patience to be like her as well.

She tells them there is no pain and injury more than departing from the Lord, though the tormenting of the thorns surrounding her, is unbearable up to the limit of critical condition of life and death. As she and her Lord only knows the thorns, no one is there for her at hardships. Rather, assuming she in comfort due to her beauty, they attempt to destroy her out of jealousy and envy. They become another heartache and she suffers more.  How painful is to live surrounded by these kinds of thorns?

One who realizes the loneliness and grieved live she led, will have sympathy. The Rose Among Thorns does not complain saying, “I am suffering much; I cannot bare the pain. I am bored and Tired.”  She seizes not to bestow her beauty her creator endowed. This inner beauty is the unison of her humility, patience, goodness and comeliness. Unfortunately, rather than truly admiring the work of the Lord, many have become like thorns surrounding to torment and rescind her with their evil, cunning and poison.  But, The Rose Among Thorns tolerate all this.

She lives in hope of peaceful rest that her creator bequeaths at the end of her elderliness, whilst passing the budding time. Though she gets sad when all lives her lone in her elderliness losing the beauty, finally, thinking she goes to her creator where there is absolute happiness, she is pleased unconditionally.

O, The Rose Among Thorns, your beauty is marvelous! And The Lord Who created you is magnificent!