The Celebration of Church Feasts

Dear Children of God, how are you? How was the celebration of New year holiday feast? Hope you have spent it with joy and happiness with your family and beloved ones! Are you getting ready for the new year education? Those who have got poor grades must study much for the better result in this year for the success of your future and contentment (happiness) of your family.

Dear Children of God, you might remember our last year’s lessons on different issues and acquired some knowledge. And for now, we will teach you about the celebrations of Church Feasts and our role in them.

Our Holy Church have many celebration of feasts specially praising Our Lord God, Holy Mother Saint Mary, Saint Archangels and Angels, Righteous Father and Mothers, Monks and Martyrs. We celebrate feasts in different ways inside the compound of Churches or in public squares such as Meskel Square.

Children, we shall celebrate all the feasts knowing the liturgy (manner) and the reason of commemorating the holidays. We celebrate our creator God and the saints, in the remembrance of their righteousness (goodness), diligence (hard work) and life story. If we understand the reason, we will be able to celebrate the holidays in the right manner.

Dear Children of God, we all have role to play in the celebration of feasts. Our Patristic Fathers, Arch Bishops, Monks, Bishops, Priest and Deacons celebrate the holidays in accordance with the liturgy alongside laities (Christians). Specially Feasts that are celebrated in public squares have different celebration manner that includes walking and so we shall be with our parents, elderly brothers and sisters but not by ourselves.

When we get older and if we are serving in Sunday Schools, and for those of us who are selected for Church Choirs, our elderly should be by our side and must not separate from them. On holiday celebration, many people attend on the festivity and there is a probability of losing your families during the celebration.

Dear Children of God, amongst the feasts celebrated in public is the “Feast of the Holy Cross.” The Holy Cross that is imprinted by the Holy Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is our dignity and reliance. But, some Jews out of disbelief and enmity, buried it inside a garbage and were found by Queen Helena. In commemoration of the founding of this cross, we celebrate the “Feasts of Holy Cross” on Megabit (March) 10, Meskerem (September) 16 and 17 (E.C.)

Dear Children of God, we shall celebrate all the feasts in Church by praising, singing and praying. We must be able to commemorate the crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ on the celebration of the “Feast of Holy Cross” pleading for world peace alongside performing Christians endeavors of alms giving and good deeds.

Farewell children, we have finished for now, but leave you with good wish and happy holiday.

May God grant us mercy and blessing, Amen!