May 9, 2015
The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church celebrates the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Ginbot 1 (May 9), nine months after Nehasie 7 (August 13) celebration of her Immaculate Conception.

Both Joachim and Anne, Mary’s parent were lived a very modest and simple life. They were God-fearing people and were known for their humbleness and compassion. They never had children and, being very aged, had little chance at having any. However, not willing to despair, they began to devote themselves extensively and rigorously to prayer and fasting asking GOD to give them a child.  They even made a vow that if they had a child, they would dedicate that child to the service of God. Seeing their patience and faith, the LORD finally gave them a blessed daughter, Mary.

With Mary’s birth the era of darkness is avoided and there appears the star of the dawn that heralds the Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ.